Game 97: Reds at Yankees

Hamilton 8
Cozart 6
Frazier 5
Bruce 9
Mesoraco 2
Pena 3
Heisey 7
Lutz DH
Negron 4

Simon 1


Waiting for Bruce to “get hot and carry the team”. Hearing it from announcers since game 1. Glad I’m not holding my breath. Oh well, let’s keep him in the the lineup in the #4 hole, maybe game #97 will be it.

hello Reds!!! the All-Star Break is over,!!!!!! They look like they are on a 14 hour plane ride with zero energy!! And WALT, get some help for this team, pretty soon the backups will be playing just like the reason they are called backups!!… Get help before they fall back and you make more excuses why you couldnt Win again!!

Walt has to work on his tan, has no time to work on this teams needs

I wanted to trade Bruce a long time ago. Ownership and management must see something different in him than most of us do. He will NEVER get any better if he continues to be bull headed and not learn how to hit the other way . He must think he’s the next coming of Babe Ruth. But hey, he’s going to carry this team IF he gets hot. MY, it’s July20 !!!! Just a bad START !

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