Back-to-back losses vs. Yankees

The Reds haven’t looked too sharp coming out of the All-Star break and have dropped two in a row to the Yankees. On Saturday, it was a 7-1 loss. Plenty of details to come in the game story on

Here is one unsavory tidbit: The lineup has 14 hits, 23 strikeouts and one walk in the two games.

“That’s not where we want to be. We knew it would be tough. At the same time, if our pitchers keep us in the ballgame like they have, we have a better shot,” Reds third baseman Todd Frazier said.

“We really did struggle to put the ball in play and really just to create anything offensively,” Reds manager Bryan Price said of Saturday’s game vs. Brandon McCarthy. “We fell behind early in that 4-1 deficit and tacked on the three. We just weren’t able to really get ourselves back in the game at any point.”

Other items:

*The Reds have lost five-straight road games and are 3-7 in Interleague Play.

*The Reds dropped their second series in the last 12. The last series loss was the three-game sweep at San Diego June 30-July 2.

*Reds batters have at least one home run in six-straight games (9 total).


Reds need to pull off a trade or 2 now before this race gets away from them ! Get a seasoned 2B and a reliever at least !

and trade what for what? Do we trade prospects for a rental player that will be a Red for 3 months? We have a ton of great relievers. Conteras, Diaz, Broxton, Chapman. Why do you say we need a reliever? We need to dump Hoover on that I would agree with you. Reds should not trade any future talent for a 3 month rental. If we can pull off a trade for a bat that has a 2 or 3 year contract still remaining then well that would be great but i don’t see that happening. Only big name that comes to mind is Kemp and there is zero chance we can afford that contract.

Walt needs to do something.. no excuses for the team to come back from a rest period to look awfully flat the past two games.. NOT wait till they are 8 games out and make a statement”I like our team the way it is and there is nobody out there better than what we have coming back from the DL” hmm sound familiar from last year?? when Walt failed to claim Byrd???? LF hasnt helped. Bruce has not played well all year “Refuses to make adjustments to hit the ball the other way like he was doing last year” Votto and Phillips out and the backups are starting and now showing why they are called “Backups”… they need another infielder and a LF!!! and get rid of Hoover please!!!

I can agree on the Hoover statement. What do you propose Walt to do if Walt is being told by ownership that he has no more money to pour into players?

How as a owner you can look at your fan base and tell them the Reds have no money, THEN sign Bailey long term, sign another Cuban pitcher.. where did that money come from?? and then sit and watch the teams in front of you Cardinals/Pirates/Brewers make moves to make a push to go further this season. And you expect the fans to be happy?? So if after losing Votto and Phillps, you would rather play backups everyday?? there is a reason they are called “Backups” they start to go back to how they never got to be a everyday player!!!! So as a fan I have to keep waiting for some called Future that has yet to get here since 1995?????(Last time they won a post season series) then expect the fans to buy more tickets??? Walt should take some heat as he blew it last year not claiming Byrd over Ludwick everyday.. and in 2012, if her gets Choo at the deadline that year, no way they dont go further in the post season..LF and a lack of hitting SS and RF have hurt this team this year. Yes I am suprised where they are in the standings, but as a owner, you dont want to get to the World Series??? Tired of talking about Championships that have yet to get here.. Who cares they won the division, you think the other teams that dont get to the World Series are happy about that?? Time to fix whats hurting the team, Walt has advisers, time they get creative and earn their money and get this team to the World Series!! Funny how Walt could do it in St. Louis.. get players at the deadline to help.. Here its take a nap and let other teams get the players in your division…

Cincinnati Reds signed free agent 2B Donnie Murphy to a minor league contract.

Mark, any updates on Joey Votto? What type of treatment is he getting for his knee/quad? Is there a timeline when we will see him either in a rehab assignment or back with the team?

If Jocketty sits on his hands like last year , they are done ! They let the Pirates make the moves and it put them over the Reds ! History has shown if you just get in the playoffs you can get hot and take it all !

Who in the hell is Donnie Murphy ?

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