Game 96: Reds at Yankees

Hamilton 8
Cozart 6
Frazier 5
Bruce 9
Mesoraco 2
Ludwick DH
Pena 3
Heisey 7
Santiago 4

Leake 1


Mark, Has there been any update on when Schumaker will come off the DL? Thanks!


Not sure I understand your rant David.

The reds have to make some moves, the bench has held them in sight. The cards will spend and make moves, last year the reds let pirates get Byrd and Morneau to get them over the top, Jocketty has tied their hands with some of his craziness like Ludwicks contract and many others.

First of all, every team in contention is looking for help. Also, since the inception of the wild card format, there are more teams in contention. It’s a lot easier said than done. There is also a question of money !

a hot hitting Santiago should be hitting 2nd. Cozart scares me when the game is on gthe line he will almost always swing and pop up the first pitch

This reasoning applies to all teams and watch them make moves. With Votto and Baileys contract we are ham strung for years. Jocketty would be better served to replace Selig especially if he lets this team sink without giving them some new blood!

You ‘re right . The Reds may very well be ham strung with a number of contracts. You have to find teams willing to take on those contracts. Also, you have to find the player you need and the team he plays for has to be willing to deal him. Then there is his contract the Reds take on. Is it long term or will the player become a free agent this year. Are the Reds willing to eat part of a current players contract to move him ?
AND a whole lot more. Like I said. Easier said than done ! How would you handle it ?

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