What the Reds All-Stars said

Here are some quotes from the five Reds All-Stars during Monday’s media session:

“I know they gave me the news yesterday. I thought I had the numbers to be here. I had my suitcase ready just in case they invited me here. I’m really happy to be an All-Star in 2014. I’m happy my team was next to me. I appreciated that and for Cincinnati to give me the opportunity to be a starter.” — starting pitcher Alfredo Simon

“Offensively throughout the year, I’ve felt pretty good about myself. I’ve been able to go out there and put the barrel of the bat on the ball, hit some home runs and doubles. That’s the kind of hitter that I am – more of a gap doubles guy. I’m not really somebody that sprays the ball around a whole lot to all parts of the field. That’s not my strength. Sometimes when you come up, you get so focused on your weaknesses and want to correct them – like going the other way. I got away from what got me here – hitting the ball for power, pulling the ball. That’s what I’ve been able to get back to doing, and it’s been very successful.” — catcher Devin Mesoraco

“In March in Spring Training, I was laying down in that bed, I thought it was going to be really hard to be here. I’m here. Being here makes me feel happy. I feel really blessed to be in this situation right now. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do it.” — closer Aroldis Chapman

“It doesn’t bother me. I pitched yesterday. It was my job. I came here to enjoy it. I came here to have fun. This isn’t going to be my first time. I’m going to have a chance to pitch in the All-Star Game again.” — starting pitcher Johnny Cueto on not being able to pitch on Tuesday.

“I’ve got to [credit] that to Don Long. He helped me in Spring Training and had me keep my hands down a little bit. We worked on a couple of things – old school methods. I look a lot cleaner. My brother tells me I look more relaxed at the plate. I think that’s half the battle. You try not to get too crazy at the plate. You’re not going to get your pitch every time. It’s been a fun year so far for me. Hopefully I can keep doing that.” — 3B Todd Frazier on the validation of being an All-Star during a strong season.






Love the photos and its great to see these guys get the recognition they deserve. Thanks for providing these, Mark!

The Reds will be allowed to include Pete Rose in All-Star Game festivities next season, even if it is on a limited basis, commissioner Bud Selig said Tuesday.
How do you tell the story of baseball in Cincinnati or the story of the Cincinnati Reds without Rose?

“You don’t,” Reds owner Bob Castellini told The Enquirer on Tuesday.

“We plan on using him wherever Major League Baseball is comfortable with, but we’re certainly going to include him,” Castellini said.

Good luck to the reds players I now live in ormond beach fl. But I still love my reds

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