On the scene in Minneapolis

Greetings from downtown Minneapolis, as I’ve arrived in town to cover the Reds contingent at the All-Star Game. It’s interesting to see this city from two perspectives. I used to live here for five years, so I am happy that the Twin Cities gets to show off for a national audience for several days. Also, I will get a sense of what my longtime home of Cincinnati is in for when it hosts the game and all the festivities one year from now.

While I will have full coverage of the Reds doings at the game, I will try to provide extra pictures, quotes and other observations here on the blog.

As for the rolling Reds, Friday’s win might have been their best yet. Yes, they overcame a 5-0 deficit vs. the Cubs but overtaking the Pirates when down 5-1 was a topper. Especially against a reliever like Tony Watson, who has given up little all season. This is a beat up Reds team in need of any good news where it can get it and nothing is better news than a victory and being another notch closer to the Brewers.

You just wonder how many more injuries this team can handle. They’ll never be an excuse and every team goes through it at some point. But I’m sure the All-Star break will be very welcomed so some guys can regroup and recover for four days before getting back at it.



Saturday’s lineup versus Pirates 7:15PM ET
1.Hamilton, CF
2.Santiago, 2B
3.Frazier, 3B
4.Bruce, RF
5.Mesoraco, C
6.Ludwick, LF
7.Pena, 1B
8.Cozart, SS
9.Leake, P

Tightening up at the top; Cards and Wainwright leading free falling Brewers 9-1 in the

Mark, is it possible for u to get some info to Reds management regarding Votto health issue with knee/quad? How about reaching out to Grady Sizemore and treatment by Dr. Dan Dyrek out of Massachusetts who has REALLY been instrumental in Grady’s comeback. Grady saw approx 15 different prof in medical field with NO significant long term improvement until Dr. Dyrek came into picture.
At this point in time you have to look at all options. It surely cannot hurt to try.
Watching game and can’t believe what’s happening. Let’s go Reds, get it together , Mike.

lets hope WALT isnt sleeping when the trade deadline comes. He blew it last year and the waiver deadline (Should have claimed Byrd), So lets hope he is pro active with Voto and Phillips out.. Time to get a slugger, not sit back and watch the Cards and Brewers and Pirates make moves while Walt sleeps!!

Sunday’s lineup versus Pirates – 1:10PM ET
1.Hamilton, CF
2.Cozart, SS
3.Frazier, 3B
4.Heisey, LF
5.Bruce, RF
6.Mesoraco, C
7.Pena, 1B
8.Negron, 2B
9.Cueto, P

Seriously?? Heisey over Mesaraco to protect Frazier??? thats a DUSTY lineup with Cozart hitting 2nd.. I would have rested Cozart and let Santiago play SS and bat 2nd!!! Price you shoudl ahve gone with this lineup.. much smarter than a 4th outfielder batting 4th!!

1.Hamilton CF
2. Santiago SS
3. Frazier 3B
4.Mesaraco C
5. Bruce RF
6.Pena 1B
7.Hiesey LF
8. Negron 2B
9. Cueto P

Santiago is banged up and Heisey was 3-5. He also hit a two run shot last night. So we
need continue to sit back and enjoy the game and not worry about what lineup is put on the dugout wall. Also Frazier hit a two run shot today. So it seemed to work out just fine.

Simon named to all-star game!

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