Game 92: Cubs at Reds

I’m off today through Sunday from game coverage but Manny Randhawa will have all the Reds news from the ballpark on and

I will be headed up to Minneapolis Saturday to start working the All-Star Game. I hope to have some extra stuff on here on the days leading to the game, including The Futures game and Todd Frazier in the Home Run Derby.



Why would u sit Mes and Bruce when u can’t field Hamilton, Phillips, or Votto?

Excerpts from one of Mark’s reports on…
In his first rehab assignment game for Class A Dayton on Tuesday, corner infielder Jack Hannahan went 1-for-3 with an RBI double. Hannahan was the designated hitter, which will be his position for a while as the Reds have accelerated his timetable, somewhat.
“He’s not 15-20 at-bats from being able to help us here,” Price said. “He’s going to have to get significant playing time and at-bats to get ready to hit Major League pitching.”

We must just figure … oh the heck with it … give everyone a day off … we just might beat the Cubs anyway. I’m not surprised by Mesoraco, especially since he’s going to the All Star game and won’t really get a break … but Bruce not being in the lineup is causing me to wonder if he’s ok. Maybe his knee isn’t totally 100% and they figure let’s just rest him too and make sure everyone is ready to roll vs the Pirates this weekend. Is there any news on Bruce to be concerned with?

On Joey Votto injury–I donot know how many ppl realize how serious a quad strain can become if left untreated. Surrounding muscles and tendons can literally die leaving you with a real problem. I had similar injury and it took me about 6 months of therapy 3x per week plus massages. It’s not something that heals quickly. Plus Joey having knee surgeries comprises that area even more. Paul Daugherty made comment that he wants to see Votto play hurt. Was he just being an idiot for the moment or is that a serious statement? He comes off as anti-Votto in everything I have read lately. Votto is making BIG Bucks we all know that but any team, in any sport who gives a player that much money and a contract for that many years is certainly playing a game of Russian roulette. Let’s face it our life can change in a blink of an eye!!! Joey did not put a gun to anyone’s head; they came to him with offer. And, knowing his work ethic, I donot believe this is easy for him to accept. Let’s give the young man some time to heal so he is not left with some serious problem. He is after all only 30 yrld.

Continued luck to the REDS!!! The guys are doing hell of a job!!!

Um ok. I guess we are hoping for Bailey to throw number 3. Well alright lets do this.

Negron called up; Contreras sent down.;

With this line up, Homer is thinking what did I do to piss off the mgr???? If Homer pitches a no -hitter tonight this line MAy have a chance to beat the lowly Cubbies….. I hope I am wrong

Mark enjoy your days “OFF”….Keep the ICE bag ready for FRAZier after his stint in the HR contest…..T2

Confirmed that Phillips has a torn ligament. Surgery tomorrow. Prognosis: 8-12 weeks.

Report from ESPN suggests that Phillips should miss 6 weeks.

Excerpt from Randhawa at…
“Brandon Phillips has a torn ligament in his left thumb and will undergo surgery on Friday. He will be out approximately six weeks.”

I wonder if this team can go after a big time player like Tolu. It doesnt sound good to me on Votto, I think he may be done for the year. Phillips out for a while. If not Tolu then maybe Prado. Prado would be cheaper and create more options on the field but Tolu would keep this club in contention for the division. Both would provide nice options for the future. Prado could take Ludwick spot next year in LF. The pitching this year and next is soo good. I hate to give up on this opportunity to get WS win.

BB…from Cincinnati 1530, Lance McAlister (his pickup)…
I present Ben Zobrist. He may not be the perfect answer, but he is one that makes a lot of sense. He will be among the highest in demand at the deadline. He’s 33-years old, a switch-hitter and a two time All-Star that can play all over the diamond.
1. Position flexiblity. He can play 2B, SS, LF, RF. He could flip between 2B/LF with Skip Schumaker and offer a day off for Cozart.
2. Contract status. He is owed about $3.5M the remainder of this year and has a team option at $7.5M in 2015, with a buyout of $500K. That is probably a tough nut to crack for Walt with Bob.
3. He’s not exactly tearing it up this season, but his .266-.352-.406-.758 slash line is better than what the Reds are getting at 2B, LF or SS this year. He’s got some pop, hitting 20+ HR’s three times. He’s been good batting 2nd this year: .304-.394-.489-.882 in 343 starts. He could bat 2nd and allow Bryan Price to move Todd Frazier down in the order. Downside? Zobrist hits LHP better than RHP for his career, and is struggling vs RHP this year (.239/.332)
4. The unknown. What would it take to get him? Could the Reds get him for Double-A pitcher Ben Lively? Probably not.

Saw that and dont agree. I just dont see him and think answer. I see Zobrist and think cheap. I see Skip Shumaker when I think of Ben Zobrist. He may plug a hole but doesnt give us an edge. The Reds need to think what can put us over the top. Got to go big here because I dont think we will ever see pitching like this again in Cincinnati at least anytime soon.

whoa!!!! Zobrist is a much better player than Skip Shumaker! Hands down.

No way you give up Ben Lively when we have him already penciled in to our starting rotation in 2016. Not worth picking up a utility player for a future major league starting pitcher. Even if Lively is only going to be a #5 starter ( I personally think he will fair even better than Leake) it would be a huge loss to the Reds to get only a utility rental player that would play for us at best 1.5 years.

Zobrist can also play 1B…..hint hint

You are right Schumaker is a bad comparison. I was just thinking a Super Utility guy which is not bad. Just not the guy to me that is the missing piece. If they get him, I hope they dont have to give up much and I am completely wrong about what he brings to this team.

Chapman could literally crush this record…
-streak of consecutive relief appearances with a strikeout to 39, dating back to Aug. 21, 2013. Chapman’s feat ties Hall of Famer Bruce Sutter, whose streak lasted from June 1 to Oct. 2, 1977, as the longest streak of appearances with a strikeout by a reliever since 1900. On his way to the top of the list, Chapman surpassed Jeff Montgomery (32 straight games from June 18 to Sept. 5, 1989) and Eric Gagne (35 games from July 18, 2003 to April 10, 2004).

Zobrist is 33, a switch hitter, that has played lst, 2nd, SS, 3B, LF, RF and CF. He is a multiple AS, and was ranked three times as MVP (8, 16 and 18). He has a .986 overall career FPCT and currently has a WAR of 2.3. He bats anywhere in the lineup and has been used most in the #2 and #3 hole.His prior five years shows WARs of 8.6, 4.6, 8.7, 5.7 and last year, 4.8. The guy is a DBL machine and steals bases; an very solid overall baseball player. As he is a FA next season, we would only be renting him for the 2nd half of this season; he makes $7m this season, so we could rent him for $3.5m, which would not break our budget. The question would be, what would we have to return to the Rays to get him for 1/2 season? Otherwise, I view him as far superior to anything we have on the bench and our platooners in LF and lst base.

Maybe I am putting the cart before the horse…maybe we don’t just rent him for 1/2 the season. Maybe we sign him as a FA for LF duties in 2015. Lot’s may well change after this season, one such change will/could be the release of Ludwick; he makes $8.5m this season and more next with a mutual option. Ludwich will be 36 on Sunday and to me, he has definitely seen better days; his inconsistency is irking, to say the least. He has a buyout and I personally would like to see him leave the team; $9.5m for 2015 is a crime. I say all this not knowing what Zobrist could be signed for moving forward, but if he is anywhere near his play of the past, I’d sign him in a heartbeat.

Correction: Ludwick is set to receive $9m next season on a mutual option with a
$4.5m buyout.

Friday’s lineup versus Pirates…7:10 PM ET
1.Hamilton, CF
2.Cozart, SS
3.Frazier, 3B
4.Bruce, 1B
5.Mesoraco, C
6.Ludwick, LF
7.Heisey, RF
8.Santiago, 2B
9.Latos, P
(2-1, 2.41 ERA)

Here is a rundown of today’s transactions; one by one, Reds getting hurt…
Cincinnati Reds recalled RHP Carlos Contreras from Louisville Bats.
Cincinnati Reds recalled Curtis Partch from Louisville Bats.
Cincinnati Reds optioned C Tucker Barnhart to Louisville Bats.
Cincinnati Reds placed 2B Brandon Phillips on the 15-day disabled list retroactive to July 10, 2014. Torn ligament in left thumb
Cincinnati Reds recalled Donald Lutz from Louisville Bats.
Cincinnati Reds placed CF Skip Schumaker on the 7-day disabled list.
Cincinnati Reds placed RHP Raisel Iglesias on the restricted list.

Teams often play better with bandaids that is all I have to say.

From Randhawa at…
One of the two players Price was planning on utilizing at second base in Phillips’ absence, Skip Schumaker, was placed on the seven-day concussion disabled list prior to Friday’s series opener against the Pirates. Outfielder/first baseman Donald Lutz was recalled from Triple-A Louisville and was with the team for Friday’s game.

I think even Price has realized that this project has failed; ergo, the bringing up of Lutz. Bruce’s fielding exploits:
1st base – 16 TC – 2 E – .875 FPCT
RF – 123 TC – 1 E – .992 FPCT
I hope this failed experiment does not cost Bruce a GG.

After Friday’s game against Cubs, all I can say is REDS ARE ON FIRE!!! I am a Joey fan, but let’s face it I donot think he would not want the team to WIN just because he is not on it and the same with Phillips. The team has made it clear that are not defined by one single player and that is how every team should function. Joey probably would not want to be solely responsible for the team’s winning or losing, but in his present health crisis, it is better that he is not playing. Would I like Joey back and Brandon, well hell yes, but I think Joey will not be back anytime soon and that is the best for him and the team right now. He needs to heal and the same with Brandon. The REDS ARE KICKING IT RIGHT NOW:} Continued success for team and excitement for us fans!!!

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