Game 91: Cubs at Reds

Sorry for missing yesterday. I had to take the day off.



Brewers have lost 7 of 8
Cards have won 5 of 7
Reds have won 5 of 6
Continues to look as if Brewers will come back to the pack; play for division
champ will be, as always, among Cards and Reds.

Agreed… I still think the Cards biggest fear is the Reds and the Reds biggest fear is Cards. Neither think Pirates will continue what they did last year. And neither think the Brewers can continue this winning.

Hannahan started a rehab stint yesterday. never thought I would say this…but HURRY UP JACK!

Our dance card is getting full. No doubt he is a great addition to an already, good playing team. Have to wonder who he replaces? The good news is that he has played lst base before (79 TC, 0 E), 8 games with the Reds last season. That may
spell an end to Barnhart’s short stay in Redsville, depending how fast Hannahan recovers.

Yep, Barnhart would be the guy….

Mark, you were obviously and sorely missed! No articles on was worrisome. I hope you taking a day off wasn’t for any type of drastic emergency; family, friends or yourself.

Thanks — Neb. Nothing to worry about. All was good. I had a family thing that I scheduled way back in April before a doubleheader was even needed. I’ll be away from work tomorrow and Friday too because I’ll be going up to Minneapolis for ASG stuff first thing Saturday.

How far into the strike zone will Anthony Rizzo be leaning tonight? Can someone please throw a few fastballs up under his neck?

I wonder if he would stand that close to the plate if they were down one in the top of 9th facing AC??? #doubtit

Carlos Contreras did throw a FB in last night, and he swung and missed it, and it hit his leg! LMAO

If you look at the replay of Castillo throwing out Hamilton – based on the slow mo at the end – Hamilton was safe.

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