Closing in on the Brewers

The Reds were 8 1/2 games out of first place behind the Brewers on June 20. They were seven games back as recently as Saturday. Milwaukee’s fourth-straight loss and the Reds’ fifth straight win has that distance at 2 1/2 games — the smallest since April 7.

On Thursday, there will be a chance at the Reds’ first five-game series sweep since July 29-Aug. 1, 1976, vs. the Padres. The last Reds five-game sweep of the Cubs was Sept. 2-5, 1931 at Redsland Field.

The full game story and updates on the injuries to Billy Hamilton and Brandon Phillips will be on Phillips was wearing a brace on his left thumb when he left the clubhouse.

Here are some postgame quotes that didn’t get into the story:

“Here we are, talking about defense again. And Cozy making a sensational play in the hole, a long throw, a bang-bang play. And the early plays to; great early plays by Brayan Pena at first base. It just seems like all I’m doing on my lineup cards is writing down notes about what great plays these guys are making defensively. And it’s been not just great to watch, but really a key to our success recently.” — Reds manager Bryan Price on Zack Cozart’s spectacular diving play and throw from the hole to rob Justin Ruggiano in the second inning.

“The best teams hit and pitch at the same time. We know pitching is going to carry us where we need to go. We said all along we have a capable offensive team. We’re starting to get rolling a little bit. It’s a good time to do it.” — Reds right fielder Jay Bruce, who has a five-game hitting streak and at least one RBI in each of those games and 10 total in that span.


Milwaukee 52 40 .565 –
St. Louis 50 42 .543 2
Cincinnati 49 42 .538 2.5
Slowly we turned, step by step……

I’m worried about Hamilton and Phillips. Needlessly?

Hamilton said it was a tweak and a minor problem, he should be back tomorrow or the next day. Phillips may take a bit longer depending on how he is able to hold a bat.
The good news is that the all-star break is coming up early next week and there will be several days off for them to further mend. With Latos, Leake and Cueto pitching against the Pirates over the weekend, I would think they could play without one or both if need be, although I think Hamilton’s injury is short lived, while Phillips is a more nagging type of injury. Good to have Santiago aboard.

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