Price, Bruce discuss first base

I will have much more on Jay Bruce playing first base for the Reds on Monday on Here are a couple of quotes that addressed the move.

“This is the Major Leagues. It’s the best in the world. It’s going to be a little quick I’m sure. I’m banking on the fact that I’m a baseball player and a good athlete and that I have confidence in myself and my abilities to play anywhere on the field if they need me to.” — Jay Bruce

“It also allows us to do some things in the outfield. What we do have is a surplus of outfielders. It gives us a chance to get Schumaker and Ludwick in the lineup. I knew with a doubleheader coming up [Tuesday], I had to get some guys who will be playing both games a day off either on the front or the back end. Today, it’s Cozart. That means Santiago is at short, which means we Frazier at third, which means we need a first baseman and today it will be Jay.

“If we don’t have Joey long term or a period of time he could miss, we have to look in-house at what our options are. I don’t think you’ll see Jay at first base often. It does allow us to utilize our bench players a little bit more. We have guys here that are playing part time but we’d like to play more.” — manager Bryan Price.

I found GM Walt Jocketty on the field and he had no news on Joey Votto’s status. Votto underwent tests on Monday for his troublesome left quadriceps.


And that grounder under Bruce’s mitt, allowing a tying R is why you don’t play
RFers at lst base, only to allow your SS to take a day off; Cozart could have easily
played in only one game tomorrow when Pena returns.

Bruce’s box score over last 3 games…
July 6th…4-2-1-3, 1 HR
July 7th…4-2-2-2, 1 HR
July 8th…4-1-1-2, 1 HR
Totals: 4 for 12, 5 RS, 3 HR, 7 RBI

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