Game 88: Bruce at 1B

For the first time in his big league or Minor League career, Jay Bruce is at first base today. As I type, he is taking groundballs there now. Bruce has been there periodically working out the past few weeks, including on Sunday. This is an interesting choice, to say the least, to take a superb defensive right fielder and put him at first base. Bruce hasn’t played anywhere other than right field for the Reds since he played center field on 8/10/08.

Brayan Pena, who has often played 1B this season, is still on paternity leave.

No moves regarding Joey Votto have been revealed yet.



Where is Heisey. Can he play first?

They recalled Tucker Barnhart from AAA, Batting 107, WOW. we have a great farm team. Pena is on Paternity leave

So, no matter who Price puts at first, the smarter fans will decide that somebody ELSE is better there, right? Why should Heisey play 1B?

Ummmm how about the obvious.

Skip at 1st and Jay stays in right….maybe just looking for ways to rest Jay though.

Good idea, and get Lutz back.

Lutz is batting under 200 in AAA No Way!

If i were the Cubs, I’d be bunting and hitting to the first-base side all night long. If they don’t do it at least 5 times the first time through the order, someone should get fired. Outfielders are usually outfielders because they stink at fielding ground balls.

Bruce is an excellent outfielder and generally an excellent athlete, but I have serious doubts about his abilities at first. This one move makes RF and 1B weaker, instead of just 1B.

And if Votto can’t go after having Sunday off, then put him back on the DL already. He’s not giving the Reds much at the plate, so he’s not really a PH threat. Get the days started so he’s ready to come back ASAP after the ASG.

or because they are left-handed and first base is the only infield position leftys play besides pitcher!

…or because they run so well and the range factor is increased in the OF. See Billy Hamilton and Eric Davis (amongst many, many others) as examples. And a first baseman’s primary job is not fielding ground balls, though he will see some. He fields far more throws from the 4/5/6 guys who are good at fielding ground balls and throwing them. And, as an add-on, playing 1B doesn’t mean a weak arm, either (though it’s more likely); Mark McGwire threw 97 in college and pitched.

I’m pretty sure JB will be fine most of the time, and first, if you field the throws, is a relatively safe position as far as impact on the D (talking fielding everything but throws) is concerned. C/SS/CF/2B (to a lesser degree because of the shorter throw) are considered “premium” defensive positions for a reason. The Cardinals had four beer league softball players (Adams, Craig, Holliday, Freese) at the corners at times and they made it to the Series.

You assume the Cubs are capable of bunting to first base. Price didn’t do this because it was a kamikaze mission.

I would like to see Hamilton get on base more. He is 1 for his last 11 hits.

Hamilton has been in a small slump. He will be back tonight,

He Did!


Winker is hitting .197 in 73 ABs in AAA. Not a good plan for a 20 year-old with that current track record to be called up, either for him or the club.

We have no AAA players, they all s u ck, thanks to Uncle Walt

the answer to our problems is playing for the marlins AAA team. his name is klye Jensen and he plays the OF but can also play First. 6.3 245 lbs with much more power than Bruce has and almost as much as Stanton who is blocking him. a relief pitcher such as Sam Leclure or another would get him

I don’t mean to be rude, but WHAAAAT?! LeCure, a solid, not exceptional middle reliever, who is also not young or possessed of Simon-like stuff, is gonna land a guy with almost Giancarlo power in AAA?

Folks, this is why Walt Jocketty’s job is general manager of a major league baseball club and we just post on blogs for entertainment and distraction from our uninformed lives, lol.

Been doing any research on the players in the minors, or are those just names somebody mentioned?

They can always retroactive Votto’s DL stint to the last game he played. I think they are awaiting results of an examination he had today to make a decision on DL. They probably should at least send down a pitcher for an extra bat. They have been playing thin in lieu of an extra pitcher, but their pitchers have been going deep in games so they don’t need the extra pitcher.

Another ‘out of position move’ to give another player (Cozart) a day off? Let Cozart play SS, Santiago to 3B, Frazier to lB and leave Bruce in his natural position. I have
never seen such moves by a manager. It seems to me that Price has made so many sand lot moves that he really doesn’t think they will effect the Reds’ overall batting. I presume he wouldn’t try this radical move if we were playing the like of any other team in the division.

Seems even more peculiar given that Leake is such a ground ball pitcher.

.220 right now in Louisville. Also, in over 70 PAs, just .225 in the bigs. The kid is far from a washout, as he just turned 25, but he’s also not ready yet.

Where is Donald Lutz? Send down one of the relief pitchers (pick one except Broxton and AC) and bring up Big Don!


Have you checked the Bats’ averages this week? No? I see….

Price is in experimentation mode…throwing things against the wall and seeing if they stick or if they will hurt the team. He does not yet know who he is as a manager!

Price is being another Dusty, He’s conceding games, although we are playing the Cubbies,

He’s using Bruce at first base for one game while Pena is on paternity leave. Pena has sort of been in on the know about the birth of the child, so it’s not like this crept up on anybody. Bruce can play 1 game at 1B. Cheesh. You folks need to get a grip.

Cmon, Donald Litz has proven that he is no savior…..over and over again.

Remember when we had a Reds player step up and play first when Votto was down. What was his name? oh yeah, he’s an All-Star this year. Frazier.

By my count, we have Carlos Contreras, Jumbo Diaz, Tucker Barnhart, and Ramon Santiago up from AAA. Santiago can’t hit, but neither can Cozart and both are great fielders (which is what you need from a SS – Ozzie Smith had a few .220 years). Same for Barnhart, and Mez can’t catch ’em all (or shouldn’t, if we’re smart).

Also, we just got back Latos, and there are 4 MLBers from that trade – Volquez is awful for the Pirates and Boxberger (we don’t need him in middle relief – was a position of depth in the off-season, can’t blame Walt), Grandal (doubles hitter, I’ll take Votto), and Grandal (cheater and can’t touch Mez)…The last three were Walt’s first rounders…I think that constitutes good drafting, good trading, and yes, a bit of a thinning of the roster at the lower levels.

Plus, we have Leake, Mez, Cozart, and Hamilton all in their fourth season or less. Cut Jocketty some slack, guys. And btw, while they are young, our top prospects list is pretty solid – maybe no stars, but plenty of depth (and Holmberg came via the trade that moved Hanigan and cleared the way for Mesoraco).

Everyone breath – Cozart hits in the 2nd half, Bruce gets hot at some point, the pitching holds, the ‘pen improves (Parra has been better than this year and Hoover/Ondrusek have been sub-3.50 guys for a few years, look it up).

PS – a five game set against the Cubbies, sans Hammel and Samardzija is a good way to get the record healthy in a hurry and Joey, we’ll see you after the ASG.

This may be the most ill-informed group of “fans” in baseball.

Visit either Florida team, man…the Dragons have better fans. I’m not exaggerating, I’m not being funny, I’m dead serious – they do. Neither city deserves a big-league team (well Tampa might, but they’re an hour away in St. Pete *shrug*).

BTW – as for our ailing 7th inning? A certain Cuban by the name of Iglesias looks to cure some of those ills soon, as he’s a mid-90s guy who was very good in the WBC. To be continued:

Iglesias will be groomed to start games once he gets going. And it doesn’t make much sense sign a guy to a 7-year, $30 million contract with no big league experience just to rush him to the Majors to fill a need in the seventh inning. This wasn’t a signing with 2014 in mind but the years ahead.

Hey Mark,
Thanks for the response, and I’ve heard as much, but let me rework your comment a bit…

“Chapman will be groomed to start games once he gets going. And it doesn’t make much sense [to] sign a guy to a 6-year, $30 million contract with no big league experience [and less international success than Iglesias] just to rush him to the Majors to fill a need in the seventh inning. This wasn’t a signing with 2010 in mind, but the years ahead.”

Hey, I totally agree with you that it’s wiser, as starters are more valuable, but a small-market, win-now approach leads to some crazy outcomes, some of which land you Smardzija and Hammel…time will tell if they gave up Jeff Bagwell, SS-edition. I’d be more inclined to believe we’d make Iglesias a starter if we didn’t have Stephenson, Lorenzen, Travieso, possibly Corcino and/or Garrett, and Cingrani waiting-in-the-wings to replace any departures in Cueto/Latos/Leake/Simon. As with that A’s/Cubs trade, time will tell – September will arrive a lot sooner than Addison Russell.

Iglesias-mid 90’s
Chapman- 105

I know Chapman could check it down if he started. But when you can consistently throw 100+, the closer role is where you belong. Chapman also only had two pitches coming over from Cuba, and still really only has 2 pitches. Iglesias has multiple pitches.

Not that anyone asked, but, it’s time to get (trade for) someone who can hit consistently, with some pop, and play LF. Ludwick’s done. Heisey, not going to repeat his promising year (18 or so HR’s) of 2012. Lutz, uh uh.

@ James Doughty

See! Bruce looks just fine on grounders.😉
I’m less happy than relieved…

what is the possibility of mounting a write in campaign for pete for next year,s all star game?

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