Game 87: Brewers at Reds



Evidently the Reds don’t need any production from the #4 spot. How about switching Mesaraco to #4 and moving Bruce to #6 until he can start producing.

Reds need an infusion of new players. This has gotten beyond weird by not moving players and trying to get the pitching staff down to at least 11, maybe Hoover and ondruzek can pinch hit. Frazier needs to stay at 3rd

The Reds are in trouble. We are not in May anymore. I personally would not be concerned if they were, but it is July now. My point right now is all about Nelson Cruz. I spoke to one of the Reds blog writers before the season, and stated to him that the Reds should go out an sign Cruz, he laughed and said, the Reds do not need him. Well, what do you think Mark, could use him right about now? Only 8 mil a year, that is it, and he could of helped use win maybe 10 more games than they have. What is wrong with this organization. They have not made any attempt to improve this offense. it has got to a point whereby me as a fan, I am tired of supporting them. They need to spend some money, and make something happen here, or else, get ready for next year once again. This really sucks……

Frazier at lst base:
49 TC
3 E
.939 FPCT
Pena at lst base:
107 TC
0 E
1.000 FPCT

Pena not an option to play today, not with the team.

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