Four Reds are All Stars

The All-Star Game rosters were named on Sunday and there are four Reds players going to Minneapolis.

RHP Johnny Cueto
LHP Aroldis Chapman
3B Todd Frazier
C Devin Mesoraco

Cueto, Chapman and Frazier were voted in by the players. Mesoraco was a manager’s selection from Mike Matheny. Of this group, only Chapman has previously been a member of the All-Star team.

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Here is the NL All-Star roster:


C: Yadier Molina, Cardinals
1B: Paul Goldschmidt, D-backs
2B: Chase Utley, Phillies
SS: Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies
3B: Aramis Ramirez, Brewers
OF: Andrew McCutchen, Pirates
OF: Carlos Gomez, Brewers
OF: Yasiel Puig, Dodgers


LHP: Madison Bumgarner, Giants
LHP: Aroldis Chapman, Reds
RHP: Johnny Cueto, Reds
RHP: Zack Greinke, Dodgers
LHP: Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers
RHP: Craig Kimbrel, Braves
RHP: Pat Neshek, Cardinals
RHP: Francisco Rodrigue^, Brewers
RHP: Tyson Ross, Padres
RHP: Jeff Samardzija, Cubs/A’s * declared ineligible because of trade
RHP: Julio Teheran, Braves
RHP: Adam Wainwright, Cardinals
LHP: Tony Watson, Pirates
RHP: Jordan Zimmermann, Nationals


C: Jonathan Lucroy, Brewers
C: Devin Mesoraco, Reds
1B: Freddie Freeman, Braves
2B: Dee Gordon, Dodgers
2B: Daniel Murphy, Mets
SS: Starlin Castro, Cubs
3B: Matt Carpenter, Cardinals
3B: Todd Frazier, Reds
OF: Charlie Blackmon, Rockies
OF: Josh Harrison, Pirates
OF: Hunter Pence, Giants
OF: Giancarlo Stanton, Marlins


Well deserved….4 reds make the team! So happy for Mez.

Where is the hell is Simon? He’s tied with a league leading 11 wins. What a JOKE!

I couldn’t agree more! Happy for the others but Alfredo is deserving!

Question—What happened to the rule if a fan interferes with a ball in play they will be ejected El Rotundo should have been long gone today.–Never happened…Why not ? .

Alfredo should of been the first player picked on the Reds. Politics, what a bunch of jerks.

There are a number of pitchers selected to the all-star game that are scheduled to pitch on Sunday; including Cueto. If they do in fact pitch, that would open up the all-star pitching roster to additional pitchers, including the proverbial ‘snubbed’ Simon.

Trout, Cabrera and Cruz decline HR Derby.

I told you guys a few weeks ago….Simon would be the guy left off, and it would be BS. But if you think he is a better pitcher than Cueto, you couldn’t be more wrong. Cueto faces #1’s every time out and the Reds flat out, can’t hit #1’s. I also thought Meso would be left off. Big props to Matheny for taking him. Classy move.

People actually watch the celebrity game? The so caled allstar game is ajoke certainly not tne stars of the game just the most popular by name. Look who is the starting ss in the american league.

Dude, Jeter is starting because he is retiring bro! He definitely should be starting @ SS this year for the AL. He’s earned it!

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