What was said after 1-0 loss

Plenty of information to come on Reds.com/MLB.com following the latest Reds shutout defeat on Saturday — a 1-0 final vs. the Brewers. Cincinnati has lost four of five after it had won eight of nine heading into San Diego.

Here are some quotes that did not make it into the game story:

“Homer pitched a great game. He wasn’t particularly sharp. He had a couple of leadoff walks that he worked around. To think that he went out there and pitched eight innings and was able to not only compete but hold Milwaukee to one run, that being a first run, was phenomenal. It gave us an opportunity to win the game.” — Reds manager Bryan Price on Homer Bailey

“It just took me an inning or two to find my groove. They scored in the first and I held them at bay after that. Hats off to Matt Garza. I guess I know what Tim Hudson feels like now. It’s a really good hitting team. They came in with good pitching today. It was a tough game.” Bailey on the Brewers.

“I just try and do my job. I’m just happy to assist there, and our infielders are some of, if not the best, in the league defensively overall. We take a lot of pride in our defense, and we were able to keep runs off the board.” — Reds RF Jay Bruce, who had third-out outfield assists in both the sixth and seventh innings.

“Obviously, after losing four in a row we needed a start like that. … He was able to come in and stop it. I wish we could put some more runs up, but their guy was pretty good, too. You have to give credit to him.” — Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy.

“That was really nice. We were talking earlier today that we needed one of our pitchers to have a big game. That was a big game.” — Brewers manager Ron Roenicke.


Now all Jay Bruce needs to learn is how to PUT runs on the board for his team. Still waiting on him to carry this overrated bunch. At least I’ve heard of Matt Garza.

i just like to see the same team that played on the road before San Diego.. they were energetic, clutch and doing the right things. Since the San Diego lack of hitting,m they have done the same thing except the 1st game against the Brewers..They need consistency and having a guy like Votto continue to bat 3rd with zero homers, and zero power to drive the ball because he is injured, is hurting the team. Bat Frazier 3rd..move Votto to 2nd spot and pinch run for him late in the game, I keep hoping to hear the Reds will trade for a hitter at the deadline.. i will be upset they sit on their hands AGAIN while teams they chase are making moves… Remember not claiming Byrd last year?? think if Walt would have claimed him, maybe this team finally wins a playoff series in 2013!!!… not just looking at pitching.. this team needs a bat in LF.. and not a platoon, a hammer!!!… come on Walt dont give excuses again this year!!!!! I have been a fan of the Reds since 1972 and i want to believe before i die, i will actually see a World Series Championship again in Cincinnati.. Not just talk about it, but executing… 1990 was along time ago.. time to step it up for the fans…I want the team to have a killer instinct when they cross the lines for every game.. making smart hitting decisions, doing the little things to get to the next level.. not play well for 7 games and go back to looking like a team the Cubs could beat..

I have followed the Reds since 1959, and having followed this current team all year, it is quite clear to me that Votto cannot hit the low outside pitch right now due to his knee problems and he needs to be placed on the DL list and he needs to get right. Also this team cannot continue into the playoffs this year until the reds pick up a big bopper who can drive in runs. The reds certainly have enough pitchers to give up one to get a four hole hitter and possibly a new first baseman for the remainder of this year. Votto is making too much money to not address the leg/knee injury right now for the future years…I might even trade Simon for a needed piece so this team has a chance to win the playoffs and possibly the Wld. Series. They certainly have the pitching and defense to win it all but some key pieces still need to be added. With this present team, the Reds are just not telling me they are serious about winning any after regular season games.

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