Game 85: Brewers at Reds

Hamilton 8
Frazier 5
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Mesoraco 2
Schumacher 7
Cozart 6
Simon 1


Still the same. Mesaraco 7th. Behind Votto, Phillips, and Bruce. Why? Votto saying he plays at 100% is bullcrap. He plays at 100% of what he’s able, but that is only 70% of when he is healthy. Needs to be DL’d. I get the impression that Price is afraid to take charge and make the tough decisions and quit letting certain players run the show.

Price has learned well from Dusty , let Votto and Phillips run the show . It is a shame the bench we have. Bring back Cairo .

Walt get off your butt and get some hitters and send down Hoover and ondruzek they are bad!

The Reds were offered, I think it was, Span for Ondrusek at the beginning of the 2013 season; the Reds refused and story was that Ondrusek could be their next
closer. It was the only offer I have heard from another team that the Reds let out publicly, yet made me think the Reds truly thought this guy was something special.
Maybe he is, but his work since that offering is waning.

Phillips has batted 4th very well over 2400 ABs, and done an admirable job.
Mesoraco has a total of 38 ABs in the 4th position. However, Mesoraco has completely turned the corner this season and is now batting as a #4 hitter should; a HR every 11.47 ABs (Frazier – 18.70 ABs). He has seen limited play for this entire season via injury or “days off”, yet is team ranked in his limited 172 ABs, as follows:
HR – #2
RBI – #2
AVG – #1
OBP – #2
SLG – #1
OPS – #1
I think Price needs to rethink his ‘all-star managing style’ of play em all, entirely.

Lohse against Reds…
He has gone 3-1 over 10 starts versus Cincinnati since 2010 while posting a 1.88 ERA, his lowest mark against any team he’s faced more than once during that time.

What ? No personal catcher for Simon ? Go get that one game wild card losers !

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