Missed opportunity (big time)

The Reds had every chance to return home like conquering heroes. They came to San Diego 6-1 on the road trip fresh from a four-game sweep of a first-place but reeling Giants team. Thoughts of an 8-2 or 9-1 road trip danced in their heads.

Instead, they go home 6-4 after being swept three games by the Padres. Two shutout losses and two runs over 27 innings total. Lousy ending to what could have been a great trip. Plenty about the 3-0 loss on Wednesday and the missed opportunity will be on Reds.com/MLB.com soon.

“It’s hard to swallow after what we did with San Francisco and come back here and lost these three games in a row,” said Johnny Cueto through translator Tomas Vera. “It’s part of the game and we have a lot of games ahead of us. We just have to keep going.”

The off day on Thursday could be huge. It’s the first one after 16-straight games and a stretch of 16 of 19 on the road. The first place Brewers come to GABP to begin a season-high 11 game homestand heading into the All-Star break. Milwaukee, just swept in a two-game series at Toronto, has dropped three in a row. The Reds have played them well in both series this season, going 5-2 for the season.

Opportunity awaits again. What will the Reds do with it?

“It’s a chance to really do something in the division,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “Obviously you come back and I’m sure guys are disappointed, not just disappointed, but upset about this series here. It’s time to really get after it and try to make up some ground against Milwaukee. It’s a great opportunity to do something in the division.”


Yeah – missed oppty. big time. They got a day off tomorrow – what’s the deal sitting Mez and moving Fraz to 1st. Ridiculous. Mez shoulda played 1st. You go for it now, or forget about it. So – might as well forget about it.

From the penthouse to the outhouse in three lousy games!!! As much as I like Jay Bruce, there are times when his appearance in the batters box resembles “Ned” in the first reader. And Brandon Phillips, not much did he show his kinfolks. Too bad.

No mystery in this game. 1) The teams winning ways started when Votto came back to the line up. In the batting order, he was repkaced by Santiago, hitting .200 The fact that he had to be pulled, AND hasn’t hit in recent games, is ominous for the team. 2) Price started thr weakest lineup possible. Deficit: Granted, Pena, who though pretty good is no Mesaroco at bat. Deficit: Heisey is batting .215 with no HR power and weak clutch hitting….Since being forced to share LF with Heisey, Ludwick has become one of the best clutch hitters on the team…benching him costs….Price seemingly has been oblivious.

The better line-up: Pena at first (which worked well but was mysteriously panned by Price), Frazier at first, Mesoroco behind the plate (with spanish lessons from Pena), Ludwick in left.

Price should have known his line-up had no critical mass. When batters are surrounded by weak batters everyone becomes a weak batter because there is no likely payoff in getting a hit!

Correction: Frazier at third.
Can Price Read batting stats? Know what the newer stats mean??? He killed an important revival performance today. Threw the game away before it started.

He also needs to option Ondrusek back to the minors and recall the banished Curtis Partch.

I saw a complacent over-confident team in San Diego. I.P.R. is right about Bruce: he seldom produces anymore. And, why don’t the Reds work the opposing pitchers more instead of swinging at the first pitch so often ? This kills chances for a rally many times.

Could have been worse, had the Brewers not faded as well the last three games…
OK, next page…let’s shake it off and whip these guys!
Fri, Jul 4 @
7:10 PM Lohse (9-2) Simon (10-3)
Sat, Jul 5 @
4:10 PM Garza (5-5) Bailey (8-4)
Sun, Jul 6 @
1:10 PM Gallardo (5-5) Latos (1-1)

Excerpt from one of Mark’s articles on MLB.com…
“ASG hopeful Hamilton named NL Rookie of the Month”
Hamilton, 23, has come on strong at the plate after some struggles in the beginning of the season. From June 10 through Tuesday, he was hitting .364 (.32-for-88) with a .385 on-base percentage and a .423 batting average on balls in play. Hamilton’s season average in that 21-game span jumped from .251 to .283, with a .314 OBP and 35 steals. His 2.9 wins above replacement is ranked 10th among all NL players.
What’s helped Hamilton improve from when he was batting below .200 in mid-April?
“I think I’m more relaxed,” Hamilton said. “Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot more pitches than I had been seeing. I’m getting a feel of how the pitcher is going to pitch me. It’s the second time around [against some teams]. I’m not just swinging at a lot of bad pitches now. I saw how they pitched me the first time and what I did against those pitchers. Seeing pitches the second time around is good.”

Division play…
Reds 5-2 vs Brewers, outscoring them 39-23.
Reds have 24 games left w/ Brewers (6), Pirates (6), Cards (4) and Cubs (8).

When will Price learn. Your team is not in first place. They are in third!!!! You MUST put your best eight on the field EVERY DAY !!! This personal catcher BS for Cueto is a joke. It doesn’t make any difference in Cueto’s performance and it weakens the batting order taking Mesoraco out. AND then not playing Frazier !!! The Reds are a joke from top to bottom. Get someone outside the organization to manage this bunch of overrated , lackluster performing , under achievers. I guess they are happy playing for the wild card so they can pitch Cueto, have his personal catcher and get 3 hits again . Wake up Castillini !!!


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