Game 84: Reds at Padres

Hamilton 8
Santiago 5
Frazier 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Heisey 7
Pena 2
Cozart 6
Cueto 1


I understand that when Cueto pitches, there is less problems for
Price to rest several players…however, in today’s game I would
have played Pena at first base and left Mesoraco behind the plate;
moving Frazier back to third base (sitting Santiago). Mesoraco is
an important bat for the Reds. Frazier is a solid third baseman,
but moving to his right (step over/backhand) when playing first
base has been problematic. Pena has played a surprisingly solid
first base when Votto sits; besides, who else can play first base besides
Pena and Frazier?

completely agree unless they for some reason need to give frazier more abs there. Tough line up to hope for a win and the bats to come alive again.

I agree too. We definitely need Mesoraco’s bat in the lineup. Santiago can barely even be considered a major leaguer anymore and we are batting him 2nd. We are struggling to score runs as is and with Votto not being healthy also sitting Mesoraco today (unless he is dinged up that we don’t know about) is ridiculous. Now that Cueto has given up 3 runs with Pena behind the plate maybe this silliness of Pena needing to catch him can go away. 3-0 in that ballpark and the way the Reds are not hitting there feels like 7-0.

In the last 19 games dating back to June 19th, the recently turned 26 year old, Mesoraco has been given 6 days off. As Mitch pointed out, unless the guy is hurt (possibly the day he was hit twice) there is no reason to give such a young player so much time off imo. At 28 I played 3 games of softball (7 hours), with running and fielding, went out after the game and partied only to awake the next day to play 18 holes of golf! At his age….I never wanted it to stop! He’s young (turned 26 in June) and very resilient/durable. I don’t get why a player of this stature would be given as much time off as he does. I understand the “day-off” philosophy of Baker/Price. Maybe it’s nothing more than my disagreement with it.

Clearly what makes baseball…baseball.
The Reds last two series:
#8 SF .248/.307/.395/.702
#15 SD .213/.273/.335/.607
#6 SF 3.41 ERA, .249 BAA
#4 SD 3.33 ERA, .241 BAA
Reds win four straight over SF…
Reds lose 3 straight to SD…

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