Pinch-running for Votto

One of the things that came during Monday’s 1-0 Reds loss to the Padres was a rarity. In the ninth inning after a leadoff single, Joey Votto was lifted for pinch-runner Chris Heisey.

It’s the latest sign all is not going swimmingly with Votto’s left leg, which had a quadriceps strain above the knee. Votto didn’t want to talk about the injury before the game on Monday, which is his prerogative. But he is maintaining that if he’s playing, consider him 100 percent.

Reds manager Bryan Price has maintained that he knows Votto isn’t at 100 percent.

“It’s an indication he’s not running at full speed,” Price said on Tuesday. “I think that’s apparent. The other part was that Chris Heisey was a better option to steal a base there and that was a consideration in that situation with a guy like Street in there that doesn’t have a lot of innings where he gives up two, three or four hits in an inning. He’s had a nice season. It was one of those risk-reward moments.”

Votto, who lacks a homer since his June 10 activation from the DL, could be a future pinch-runner candidate in my mind if he isn’t able to run at full speed. In the short term, that could be tough at times since the Reds are short one man on the bench.


So if Votto can’t drive the ball because of his knee and has zero homeruns,why is he batting 3rd???? That doesn’t make any sense

Until Votto heals he should either be on the DL on be used exclusively as a pinch hitter. forget about his nonexistent appearance in the batters box, his fielding is becoming a liability.

I dont want Votto to deal with the injury. I just want them to DL him until he is better. Why push this? If he needs surgery then do it and hope he is back for Sept or Oct. He is too valuable to push this.

I agree with Jim M. Is he hitting 3rd because he makes $20 million ? I sure hope not .

The reasoning is simple….what Price is saying is that Votto at 75% is better than any other bench player at 100%. Personally I think he is fighting those demons of a few years ago. The excuses for his physical condition are just not true. IF it were a true physical set back, don’t you think Price’s story and Votto’s story would match?? Get Votto some help but get him out of there….making him a prima donna will only hurt the Reds.

A statistic that the Reds need to change moving forward…
Reds have not overcome more than a 2 run deficit to win this season.

Reds have continued this trend today…..

How about winning a game they score less than 4 runs. Its amazing how much this team wastes good pitching.

Votto is contributing…
Month of June (since coming back June 10th):
13 BB
10 RBI
Not to mention he is a catalyst for the entire team:
In the 19 games he played in the month of June,
he has a H or a BB in 17 of those games.

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