Postscript to Saturday night

As the Reds rallied in the top of the 11th inning and before they scored, manager Bryan Price had Logan Ondrusek and Jumbo Diaz warming up in the bullpen. Aroldis Chapman and Jonathan Broxton had already been used. Had the Reds stopped scoring after Zack Cozart’s two-run single in what became a 7-3 win, it would have been a save situation.

I was curious if Price planned all along to use Diaz for a save, and use Ondrusek if the game had went to a 12th inning. It would have been Diaz for the save.

“Just because it’s what he does,” Price said of Diaz on Sunday. “He did it in Triple-A and there’s a newness to him. If we didn’t have him, I would have been satisfied with having Logan in that situation as well. Considering it’s what Jumbo has done for a long time, it seemed to make sense to put him back in that environment.”

Diaz had 18 saves in 19 chances with Louisville this season. Once the Reds scored five runs and it wasn’t a save situation, he still pitched and ended the game. He allowed a leadoff walk and two-out RBI single before locking it down.

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