Leake racked up the K’s

Plenty about Mike Leake to come in my game story on MLB.com after a 3-1 Reds over the Giants. It was an impressive eight innings highlighted by 12 strikeouts, a career high that buried his previous high of eight (done five times).

Leake is 4-0 with a 0.87 ERA lifetime in four starts at AT&T Park.

Manager Bryan Price was impressed by Leake’s velocity, tonight and this season.

“His stuff has gotten better,” Price said. “He’s pitching with the best velocity of his career, as a long as we’ve had him. He’s pretty consistent when he wants to go out there and get 93-94 on a fastball. That’s not a fastball you have to apologize for from a velocity standpoint. And his command has been so good and he’s working so well with Devin and he’s utilizing his defense. Even though it was 12 strikeouts today, he really does depend on that defense to pick him up. He challenges guys in the strike zone. He’s fun to play defense behind.”

Giants CF Gregor Blanco saw a good mix of stuff from Leake.

“He had a little bit of ‘whip’ to his cutter,” Blanco said. “He mixed with his four-seam fastball. He was getting everybody out of their timing.”

Here’s some extra stuff from Leake:

“I don’t know, I guess I just like to attack hitters here, I guess the ball not flying too well here, or not as well as most places, is kind of helpful,” Leake said.

“Each year I’ve gotten stronger. My first year, I didn’t know what the heck to do, but each year I’ve progressed with trying to do heavier weight and get stronger for each season. I just probably attribute it to to gaining a little bit of weight and strength each year.”

The Reds have won five of their last six games and eight of 11 and improved to 40-38 to go two games above a .500 record for the first time this season. Why are things clicking so well lately? Leake had some thoughts.

“I think we were kind of down when Joey [Votto] went down and when he came back it helped lift us a little bit because our offense has been struggling, so we felt him coming back was definitely going to help us,” Leake said. “I think it definitely has, obviously. Their confidence is coming back and that’s what we needed.”


Congrats Mr. Leake. Great game last night bub. Keep it going Reds.

Cueto’s four no-decisions should have ended in W’s…
April 5th versus NYM…7 IP – 2 ER
April 27th versus ATL…8 IP – 0 ER
May 9th versus COL…8 IP – 2 ER
June 17th versus PITTS…6 IP – 2 ER

Mark reported on MLB.com that Cingrani is on DL, again…
“The Reds were a little surprised on Thursday when left-hander Tony Cingrani had to be put on the disabled list by Triple-A Louisville because of a strained shoulder.”

This is a good baseball team right now playing good baseball. I hope everyone is enjoying it!!

The beginning of the season was horrid. We looked lost and without direction. Now, since Votto’s return, all the players are beginning to hit, and hit with some authority. Hamilton is a complete surprise at the plate and in the field. Mesoraco has made a complete 180 degree turn and looks like a giant killer (no pun intended) at the plate. Frazier is attacking the ball and playing very well at 3rd
(not too fond of him at lst). Bruce is starting his ascent, Cozart is finally making contact, Phillips is doing his thing and even Ludwick is playing like the Ludwick of a few years back (after being told LF would platoon). Our SP is stellar across the board; Leake and Simon have really stepped up in light of Cingrani’s woes and the loss of Latos until just recently. The BP is solidifying; the 8th and 9th innings are utterly impervious to hitters with the one-two punch of Broxton and Chapman. The middle relief has been spotty at best, although they have their good days. Lastly, the bench is far better than last year, imo, Shumaker was a find; Santiago, Pena and Heisey are solid fill-ins…all have above average gloves and can play a multitude of positions. In summary, this is the way I think we all thought the team could play; now they are showing it and the W’s should start mounting up. Yet and still, we have a long way to go, but the WC is at minimum, achievable should we continue our ascent. Health had a very large factor in our turnaround.

From 2011-2013, Cueto has faced the Giants three times. During those three games he has put up the following stats:
22 IP
13 H
2 ER
2-1 W/L
0.82 ERA
.181 BAVG
Cueto has dominated the Giants more than any other NL team during these three years. This will be the first time he has faced them this season.

Has anyone noticed that Heisey altered his hands from waist high to letter high– in .the beginning of the season (after getting off season help) we were told he really thought it would help.The numbers the first of the season bore out the change …now 2 for 20 something does not play well oh well just wondering .. Where has the new found chucker been playing the last 30 days??????


The Reds better lock this kid up . He has more upside and career ahead of him than any pitcher on their roster.

Agree on all points.

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