Game 79: Reds at Giants



Finally. Happy to see Mesoraco catching Cueto.

Sick of Heisey and Ludwick. Their is no production from these two. Change is needed in left field asap, should of been done before the season started. They should of signed Cruz, who now has what? 23 homers and 62 rbi’s. Are you serious, you could of signed him for a small piece of change, 8 mil per year. Junk change to you people that have ownership in the oldest franchise ever. Pay it, or never win a World Series again. This conservative action will not make it in MLB today. For Bob Castellini, he just needs to go to George Bush for the $$, he has some change, I promise.

Totally off on Ludwick…

Mark…was there a ricochet of that ball that hit your computer…on to your camera
phone? I think it needs calibration of the focus circuit…:-)

Definitely not my best photography. Sorry ’bout that.

All kidding aside, this lineup is different; obviously. First, to give Joey a day off Price moves Phillips to the 3 spot…ok, not a problem. But I don’t understand the move of Bruce ahead of Mesoraco in the 4 hole. Mesoraco is getting very comfortable in the 4 hole and doing a marvelous job. Does every lineup have to change radically when you give one guy a night off? (Votto). I don’t follow nor do I agree with the logic. I think a lot of this lineup change tonight has to agree with whom the Reds are starting and the dominance factor he controls to date. Just my guess.

Mark I was getting worried about you. I was starting to think that you retired to just reporting via twitter.

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