Headed to SF

As I wait at my gate for a flight pondering why I can’t get direct service from CVG to San Francisco (it’s not like SF is a tiny burg or anything), I’m pondering what this in-progress road trip could mean for the Reds.

Right now, the Reds are one of the hottest teams in baseball. They are 5-0-1 over their last six series and over .500 again at 39-38 heading into the four-game stop at the Giants. A 7-3 or 6-4 road trip could definitively get the thoughts of the team “selling” before the Trade Deadline out of people’s minds.

The last time the Reds faced a team that had a pitcher throw a no-hitter the day before (the Dodgers and Josh Beckett), the next guy (Hyun-Jun Ryu) took a perfect game into the eighth inning. That was last month. This seems to be an offensively motoring team compared to what we saw in Chavez Ravine and Arizona.

The Giants have also lost 11 of their last 15 games, even with Tim Lincecum’s second no-hitter yesterday. I’m eager to see how this series turns out. A split is a reasonable expectation at AT&T Park, but getting more would obviously be another confidence boost that further puts the .500 mark in the rear view.

The All-Star balloting is ongoing at MLB.com. When the team is announced next weekend, I’m expecting the Reds to have only two All-Stars. Usually fans and those who follow the team are prone to naming all the deserving guys only to see the selections be two less than expected. I’m just going to save some time.

The Reds’ All-Star locks in my mind are Johnny Cueto and Aroldis Chapman. Todd Frazier and Devin Mesoraco certainly have the numbers that make them worthy. Mesoraco, in particular, is foiled by a deep pool of quality NL catchers — Yadier Molina is certain to start. But there is also Buster Posey, Jonathan Lucroy and Evan Gattis that could named by the league or earn player votes.

When I asked Frazier on Sunday if he wanted to go, I liked that he said yes and why. Often players try to be conservative with their comments on stuff like that. The man wants to go, why not say so?

I guess we’ll see soon who is in and who is out. This was going to be a longer entry, but it’s already time to board. Catch you later this evening.


Welcome back Mark . Hope you enjoyed your time off. Looking forward to further updates. Thanks for what you do.

I agree only two. But I think after the Blue Jays blow up with Chap.. I think its Cueto and Frazier. I think Chap still deserves it though and cant imagine a coach not wanting his arm at the end of the game.

Might be crazy, but has any one thought about the Reds trading for Elvis Andrus. His contract is a lot now but its steady and in a few years it wont seem like such a large contract. The Reds dont have a SS in the system and he might be the perfect 2 hitter to pair with Hamilton allowing Frazier to move to the four spot. Elvis has Speed, Low Strikeout, and good OBP. That makes the back end of our line up much much stronger with 6Mez 7Phillips and 8Ludwich/whoever. Since his price is high it would not cost you a lot of prospects in return. I almost wonder if Cingrani paired with another player could pull him away.

It’s hard for me to believe that Simon won’t make the all star game. I think it will be Cueto and Simon. Chapman is always deserving but with him missing the first month I feel he doesn’t get a spot. Hope to be wrong!

Mark: SF is not the tiny burg…. The answer to your question lies in the merger of Delta Airlines and Northwest Airlines…Despite the promises from the mighty Atlanta (As in the SOUTH will rise again) based Delta, Greater Cincinnati and CVG got the screws put to it, with MONUMENTAL reductions in service. The very COZY relationships between the former and probably some current CVG Board members AND Delta has now come home to roost…. This board Enabled Delta to dominate the market, chasing the likes of Airtran (and its predessors) as well as others out of the Mueller and CVG market. The complete buy out of Comair by Delta was the first tipping point, when they moved all the planes and service slowly out of Cincinnati and to other markets…
Many still believe the arrogance ( or is it inferiority complex) of Northern Ky politicians over the years, and their refusal to bring in stalwart businessmen / woman from the other side of the river (GE, P + G, 5th 3rd, etc) as REAL VOTING MEMBERS / chairpersons of the board is the real thorn in the elephants foot. I chuckle every other week when I fly out and see the empty parking garages at the airport, as I remember how it used to take 15 to 20 minutes to get a spot…..
The CVG airport Board killed the golden goose they built by going ALL -IN with Delta…. Construction NEVER STOPS @ the ATL airport…never….
Not baseball….. but….. transportation…. drives business and industry! You need both for a stable fan base that will always grow.

I think Jay Bruce should be on the all-star team . He makes more money. That’s why he plays for the Reds. Still waiting for him to carry this team ?

These guys deserve to be on the all star team:


These guys will make it.

Frazier???- It will be a major shame if he doesn’t but that is a strong postiion right now in the NL

No way the Reds get two SP’s on there, even though Simon definitely should be there. He’s gonna be an odd man out type guy. Chapman does not deserve it, but he’ll be in that bullpen for the all star game. The coaches would have to be idiots to not want that arm in the bullpen.

Don’t forget who is coaching and choosing a lot of this team though. Matheny may put one Red on the team and screw the rest over. Wouldn’t be surprised……….

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