Games 75-77: Reds at Cubs

I’ve got this series off, too. But I will pick up the road trip in San Francisco.

Enjoy the series…


A great display of offense this past weekend. Even Bruce has shifted into 2nd gear. Can’t wait until he shifts into high gear. Coming at the right time, too. The next 5 series, I believe is with Central Division teams. The Reds could cut into the Brewers 8 1/2 game lead to perhaps , 4 games or better with the way they playing.

Today’s lineup versus Cubs; 6/23; 8:05PM-ET
1.Hamilton, CF
2.Frazier, 3B
3.Votto, 1B
4.Mesoraco, C
5.Bruce, RF
6.Ludwick, LF
7.Schumaker, 2B
8.Cozart, SS
9.Simon, P

Over .500! ‘This is the Big One, Elizabeth!’

Shoey, after the cubs they play 2 series on the west coast against the Giants and Pads, then three more Central Series. Still great opportunity, especially with the Brewers starting to play some better competition. If you look at the Brew Crew’s schedule to this point in the season, they have not played a lot of quality teams. Many of their wins have been against poor competition. My point is I think their record is artificially inflated and will come down a bit in the coming months. If the Reds continue to play like they have been and can get the bull pen in order they are primed for a run. I am far more worried about the Cards than the Brewers.

I agree. I am more worried about the Cards. But they do have a lot of injuries right now.

I think announcer said the holder of Reds consecutive games home run streak was 5 games. Mez is at 4. Anyone know who holds 5 game record?

rd3…four players did it…
Ted Kluszewski 1954
Johnny Bench 1972
Ken Griffey Jr. 2003
Adam Dunn 2008

Cool – thanks!

1st time in 267 days Reds have been above .500 (September 29, final game regular season).
Reds 13-8 in June.
Have won 3 in a row, 6 of 8, 9 of 12 and 11 of 16.

The Reds have scored first in 11 of their last 12 games.
They have scored in the 1st inning in 9 of those 12 games.
Reds have scored 2 or more runs in an inning 18 times in last 12 games:
2 run inning: 7 times
3 run inning: 5 times
4 run inning: 2 times
5 run inning: 2 times
7 run inning: 1 time
8 run inning: 1 time

Cincinnati leads Cubs 4-2 (as of Tue 6/24)
Fri 4/18 CIN 4, @CHC 1
Sat 4/19 @CHC 8, CIN 4
Sun 4/20 CIN 8, @CHC 2
Tue 4/29 @CIN 3, CHC 2
Wed 4/30 CHC 9, @CIN 4
Mon 6/23 CIN 6, @CHC 1

Today’s lineup versus Cubs…6/24…8:05PM-ET
1.Hamilton, CF
2.Frazier, 3B
3.Votto, 1B
4.Mesoraco, C
5.Bruce, RF
6.Ludwick, LF
7.Schumaker, 2B
8.Cozart, SS
9.Bailey, P

What more can we ask of Mesoraco? The guy finally gets his role in life/the future…in the clean up spot. And? The opposition hits him twice and walks him twice. What does he do? Puts one in the basket for a GRAND SLAM! Finally…he’s hitting where the Reds (and many fans) always thought he should hit, only sooner!?* Now let’s see what the kid can do; hopefully without being moved around in the lineup like a whirling door at the mall. Managing the past…never dictates the future.

Reds are getting healthy and ready to roll, like the additions of contreras and diaz

I like Mesoraco in the clean up as well. BUT we all know that will change when Phillips gets back in the lineup. Don’t we Neb ? As for Jay Bruce, if he’s in 2nd gear, he must have skipped 1st. The stat machine hasn’t done a whole lot. He should be moved to the 6th or 7th hole. God forbid !!! HOWEVER , they are playing better as of late.

Jay Bruce couldn’t hit the ball with an oar !!!

Must be a nice job with all the series “off” you get.
By the way, when will anyone say that Jay Bruce has had a problem overrunning and booting ground balls ever since he became a Reds player ? Does he not do anything to improve this ?

Mesoraco has 40 rbi in 43 games (150 official at bats). That is REALLY GOOD! He needs to stay in the clean up spot. BP should hit 6th or 7th. Also, Mesoraco needs to start catching Cueto some. I have no problem giving Mesoraco days off to keep him fresh … I think that is part of the reason why he is doing so welll, BUT he needs to work with our ace enough that they are comfortable working together. Think of it this way … if the Reds make the playoffs they would start Cueto as much as possible …. are you really not going to play Mesoraco in the playoffs? That’s completely dumb. It also applies as the playoff races really start to heat up … so STOP the Pena has to catch Cueto every time thing now so Cueto and Mesoraco feel comfortable working together when the games might really matter.

My guess is that people who complain about Mark’s time off get two days off a week themselves. It’s called a ‘weekend.’ Try working as many as 19 days in a row, and keep a lawn, a household and a family going. People say the same thing about sports writing as ball playing: “I’d do that for free!” No, you wouldn’t. It’s a job. You get days off. Jay Bruce is one of the best right fielders in baseball. Next …

MaxBlue, the fact that SW Buckeye would even make a comment like that, shows you exactly what type of person the dude probably is. Jesus man, everyone is entitled to some time off. I don’t get why people get on here every year and bash Mark for taking a series off here and there. There’s a reason why he works for the MLB and you are sitting in a cubicle somewhere.

Today’s lineup versus Cubs; 6/25; 7:05PM-ET
1.Hamilton, CF
2.Frazier, 3B
3.Votto, 1B
4.Mesoraco, C
5.Phillips, 2B
6.Bruce, RF
7.Heisey, LF
8.Cozart, SS
9.Latos, P

I would have flip-flopped Phillips and Bruce. Other than that, I like this lineup.

Reds LHP Sean Marshall had season ending surgery Tuesday morning to debride his left shoulder and inject stem cells to facilitate the healing. The 31-year old Marshall has a 7.71 ERA in 15 appearances this season. He is 5-6 with an ERA of 3.27 and 9 saves in 104 games over three plus seasons. He was acquired in a trade with the Cubs in December 2011, in exchange for Travis Wood, Dave Sappelt and Ronald Torreyes. Marshall has battled shoulder issues for two seasons. He’s pitched just 24.1 innings in 31 appearances since Opening Day 2013. He is owed $5.5M this year and $6.5M in 2015.

You mean career ending surgery.

I agree with Mitch on Mesoraco. Price doesn’t get it.

Nice try guys. Self employed here. No cubicle. No guaranteed days off, either. But it is dang hard writing a short blog post about a baseball game every day.

Then go to another blog…

Southwest Buckeye, if you think it’s so easy, I invite you to start a Reds blog and start writing. And like it was mentioned, please wedge time in to maintain it among your other daily duties. I look forward to your frequent posts without fail – in the season and during the offseason, too. Good luck to you.

Yeah, well that was a response to another rude commenter. No local sports writer has yet to respond to my question about Bruce’s troubles picking up ground balls…which was the point of my comment in the first place.

SWB, that’s like saying a ballplayer works three hours a day. Mark’s a beat writer – the blog is an added duty he has to squeeze into the rest of the gig. It’s an 8-hour day plus, and then there’s the travel and the 24/7 news cycles. I’m not saying we should boo-hoo for the guy, but jeez, let’s allow him and MLB to work out a mutually agreeable schedule. On a related topic, I took last Saturday off from the Reds, too, after the 14-9 debacle. No radio or TV. It was refreshing!

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