Games 69-71: Reds at Pirates

I have this part of the road trip off. Back at it Friday at GABP.


The Diamondbacks signed starter Bronson Arroyo in the offseason because they believed he was a guy they could count on to take the ball every fifth day.
It seemed like reasonable thinking at the time; over 19 seasons and 369 starts Arroyo had never landed on the disabled list.
Until now.
In another blow to the Diamondbacks’ rotation that already is without ace Patrick Corbin for the year, the Diamondbacks Monday placed Arroyo on the 15-day disabled list with a strained ulnar-collateral ligament and irritation in the flexor mass. Arroyo, 37, said he won’t pick up a ball for 10 days and that he hopes to be throwing again by the All-Star break, but he was uncertain if he would be able to avoid Tommy John surgery, which would end his season.

Sad to hear but thank our stars we didnt re-sign him

My thoughts exactly. Wonderful player, wonderful guy…but Father Time was,
and is, undefeated.

Today’s lineup…
1.Hamilton, CF
2.Frazier, 3B
3.Votto, 1B
4.Phillips, 2B
5.Bruce, RF
6.Ludwick, LF
7.Pena, C
8.Cozart, SS
9.Cueto, P

Hamilton is the real deal…and it’s nice to think that he’s only 23 and will be a Red for many years to come. Here is his batting lines….264/.301/.382/.683, however he has scored only 31 R. Bruce is like Houdini…check these numbers out…especially the R numbers; Bruce is 3rd on the team behind Frazier (42) and Hamilton.
Bruce…51 G…177 AB…28 R (.215/.319/.362/.680)
Hamilton…63 G…220 AB…31 R
Whenever I check Bruce’s numbers, I often think they are in error as they escalate
nearly overnight. When he’s hot, he’ll put up numbers faster than anyone else in baseball; yet when he’s off, his numbers drag on…seemingly forever.

That’s because Jay is the epitome of “streaky”.

“ultra-productively streaky”

And often Bruce’s numbers can be misleading. During a one month stretch he may drive in 40 runs and score 30 but then over the next two months it may only be 10 runs and rbi’s. That is why he is constantly striving for consistency but as long as he falls prey to the inside slider it will always elude him.

Bruce produces…
2011…84 R…32 HR…97 RBI
2012…89 R…34 HR…99 RBI
2013…89 R…30 HR…109 RBI

Man most of this bullpen is hard to watch!

Inside slider? Everyone seems to pitch Bruce down and away, expecting him to take those ironing-board swings, which he does.

Is Broxton tired or hurt? Did we use him too much? I wanted to see him in the 7th. That was the save right there. When we sat 1 out, two on, up 2 runs. I was hoping for him instead of anyone else.

Price on everyday lineup…
Price is happy that he can fill out a consistent lineup going forward.
“We’re not running out a bunch of different lineups out there,” Price said. “This doesn’t mean, of course, that there will never be another change in the lineup. And I think there is something to be said about knowing what is expected from you and knowing when you’re going to be in there and when you’re not. It’s nice.”
The Reds are hoping the lineup consistency will lead to more offense so they can get back into the thick of the NL Central race. They currently rank second-to-last in the Majors with 252 runs scored this season.

The Votto factor…
Surging Cincinnati looks to return to the .500 mark for the first time in nearly two months Wednesday night against the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park.
With Votto sidelined due to a strained left quadriceps from May 16-June 9, the Reds (34-35) were 11-12, batting .223 while averaging 3.1 runs per game. They’ve won five of seven with him back in the lineup while batting .294 and averaging 5.3 runs.
Votto is hitting .357 since returning with seven RBI.

Today’s lineup…6/18 – 7:05PM-ET
1.Hamilton, CF
2.Frazier, 3B
3.Votto, 1B
4.Phillips, 2B
5.Bruce, RF
6.Mesoraco, C
7.Schumaker, LF
8.Cozart, SS
9.Simon, P

“It’s a hot dog! It’s a sausage! It’s a …” .500 team! Wow! When your expectations are lowered, it’s party time when anything good happens. Or … maybe our expectations begin to go up and we imagine a Kansas City Royals-like run in our future?

Today’s lineup…6/19 – 12:35PM-ET
1. Hamilton, CF
2. Frazier, 3B
3. Votto, 1B
4. Phillips, 2B
5. Bruce, RF
6. Ludwick, LF
7. Mesoraco, C
8. Cozart, SS
9. Bailey, P

Anybody notice Ludwick….
Over the last 7 games he’s played in since June 6th, he has hit .523 (11 H in 23 AB).
Funny how, when you lose your full time job you bear down and play ball rather than just going through the motions.

Woops…let’s make that .478.

One of the biggest mistakes we could have made, yet worked out well…
Playing Hamilton and not signing Choo, although we thought about it.
(no offense to Choo).

Cingrani needs to be sent down and work; short, medium or long…doesn’t
matter. He started a world beater; ending now as a push over.

Heisey…Heisey 0 for 4, now 0 for last 15. Ludwick…bad back, yet playing tough.
Shumaker…part time player that plays very tough.
If we are going to make it to and through the playoffs, we need to find a full time
productive LF; last we had was in 2008…remember him? Mr. Dunn. I am personally
hoping that in the upcoming month, we trade for an every-day guy.

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