Game 68: Reds at Brewers



Need to win today. No excuses or talking about tomorrow. Tomorrows for this team are few. This team should start looking different in a month or so if they are not really back in the race by then.

These games cannot be left in the hands of Ondrusek and Hoover. They aren’t capable of holding on to a (1) run game. They don’t seem to be able to spot their pitches. They just lean back and throw as hard as they can to the plate area and hope for a called or swinging strike.

Anybody else notice how much better our offense is now that some guy named Votto is back?

HV…he may well be the catalyst we have been searching for. Let’s hope so!

Nice breakout, boys. The key is keeping it up; this is called a RALLY,
across the board…well done!

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