A whole lotta offense, and more

There was so much going on in the Reds 13-4 win over the Brewers, I couldn’t get it all into my story on MLB.com/Reds.com.

Some quick items of note:

*Billy Hamilton hit the Reds’ first leadoff homer of the season in the top of the first inning. Hamilton, who homered in his final at-bat on Saturday, has four total.

*Ryan Ludwick had three doubles, a career-high.

*It was the club’s season-high in runs, hits (19) and margin of victory.

“As much as I loved those 13 runs, we had a lot of great two-strike at-bats where we were fouling off pitches,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “We got Estrada’s pitch count up to 85 or so after four innings. When he got that infield hit off of Leake, I thought maybe they might hit there and see if they can do some damage because at the time it was 3-0. He ends up getting the infield hit and Gennett gets the hit and they ended up getting themselves back into the game. That in large part wasn’t necessary his ineffectiveness as much as our guys grinding out at-bats. It was just tremendous, one after the other. Four, five, six, seven-pitch at-bats. It was impressive.”

*Since the bullpen has taken its lumps of late, time to give some credit. After Mike Leake departed after five innings and a 5-4 lead, Reds relievers Manny Parra, Sam LeCure and Tony Cingrani worked four scoreless innings. The big inning was the sixth when Parra and LeCure combined to work a 1-2-3 inning.

“We’ll just try to keep nailing it down the best we can, nobody’s lacking effort, that’s for damn sure,” LeCure said. “We’ll keep going out there and figuring out what we can do to get the ball to those last two guys and try to win all our games.

“I’d read something the other day … it might have been Ron Roenicke and he was saying there’s not going to be a lot of lopsided games, a lot of these games are going to be decided by the middle — those sixth-, seventh-, eighth-inning bullpen guys, and I agree with that,” LeCure said. “I kind of thought to myself, damn, you know? These couple of guys that I’m talking about could potentially decide this race in this division. I thought that was an exciting challenge for me and hopefully for the rest of the guys to go out there so that we can say we can go out there and make a big difference here. We’re not going to get the glory for it — and nobody wants it — but at the end of the day if we lock those innings down and get the ball to those last two guys, we’re going to be in good shape and be there right at the end.”

*Leake has allowed 14 earned runs in 15 1/3 innings over his last three starts.

“I think every pitcher goes through a little spurt where they don’t do exactly what they want,” Leake said. “I don’t know, maybe you could chalk it up to the neck or a little bit of arm tiredness, I don’t know. It’s just probably one of those little runs that you’d like to take away, but really you’ve got to go through it every year and work through it.”


I think it’s time to admit Billy Hamilton is everything we could have hoped for this season – not necessarily all we hope he’ll become, but not what we’d feared he might be this year. If Drew Stubbs could have done what Billy’s doing, he’d still be a Red. Billy’s defense is particularly astounding, especially when you consider how short a time he’s played center.

Billy has absolutely done a great job! Hopefully offense keeps clicking and we get on a big run!

Absolutely on the Billy comment. He keeps getting better too. It’s fun to watch and to imagine how good he might be down the road. That was a good win and hopefully that offensive performance will open the floodgates for this team. We’ve been hopeful before … but it really does feel like this team is ready to take off on a good run. We’ll see what happens but it seems like their confidence is growing which is a big deal for this team. For whatever reason, this team seems to struggle with their confidence at times. If the Reds can hit … they are going to win a lot of ball games.

Runs win games…. Yesterday was a treat…..
Agreed on the speedster Hamilton….. Frazier has done his job and continues to push himself into the leadership /cheer leader / clubhouse voice role….T2

Maybe they’ll win 70 out of 100 ! lol

I could see this team going on a stretch to go 30-10 or something like that. then 500 ball for the rest of the year. That should get them close to 90 wins and a wild card spot. I dont see them doing any better than that. I could see it, but not sure it will happen. They have the talent to do something like that especially knowing that Bruce and Votto are going to light up soon. Those two will have a month where they will be unstoppable. Just hope it comes when the pitcing is this good.

“30-10″…that would be a clip of .750, instead of their <.500 that they have netted thus far this season . Wow…what a major gain. However, it all lies in the hands of the offensive bats; score 3-4 R and it won't get you very far. Score 5-6-7 R per game and with our SP we will likely see those kinds of W-L records. However, we have dug ourselves into a bit of a cavern; not worried about Milwaukee as they look beatable, however the Cards are just starting to play some of their brand of baseball and they may be tougher to catch. Let's not put the cart before the horse though…let's start with first getting over .500 and then start thinking about a winning streak or two. We seem unbeatable one day, the next day like a AAA team; that's gotta stop and quickly. And, in the event we make the playoffs…will we play like we should, or will we play like we have over the last 4-5 years…choke city.
Lot's of questions for our Reds to answer. Is the talent, coaching and inspiration there? We'll see all together! GLT-us!

Everyone wrote the Dodgers off about this time last year. You never know!

Dream on . 30 And 10 . NO WAY!!!!

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