Game 67: Reds at Brewers

Hamilton 8
Frazier 5
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Ludwick 7
Pena 2
Cozart 6
Latos 1


I presume the lineup (4 left handed batters) benefits the Reds against Gallardo;
do not believe it benefits Mesoraco…he needs to learn how to hit RHP (.212/.268/.377/.646) as well as he hits LHP (.323/.371/.471/.842). After all, there
are far more RHP than there is LHP; tucking him away won’t resolve the problem.

Any catcher, even the incomparable Johnny Bench, needs days off. Why not do it when the pitching match-up for that day more or less otherwise dictates it? Mez is not the second coming of Bench, not even of Molina. And never will be close.

Mesoraco is in a slump. It’s ok … we all knew he wouldn’t hit 400+ all year. I have no problem giving someone that is struggling a couple of extra days off. Unlike Dusty … Price doesn’t believe you have to play the cold hand into the ground. Let him clear his head. Pena is a good backup. That was a good signing by Walt. Since everyone wants to slam Walt for lots of things … deservedly so … I thought I would point out a good move.🙂

Mesoraco has had 2 days off within the last 5 games; playing in only 36 of 66 games this season or just over 54% of all games. He is our 2nd most producing HR hitter and RBI guy, next to Frazier. His WAS is 1.5 compared to Pena’s 0.1. Unless there is something wrong with the guy, he should learn to hit RHP which means he should play fulltime. Lastly, he should be hitting clean-up. What the Reds have done over the years is they have not played their best hitters in their best positions. This continues with Price, as it did with Baker, unfortunately. We need our 2nd best production bat in the lineup everyday; he’s not a shabby defensive C either.

Mesaraco is going to catch 4 out of every 5 days uh Mark ? I can read this team like a cheap novel.

Jim — have you seen Mesoraco’s numbers of late?

I forgot to mention that Price , like Baker has to make everyone happy. If I’m Mesoraco , I opt out of Cincionnati as soon as possible. If he stays he’ll hamper his career.

You all need to relax. Mesoraco is in a slump for the last 2-3 weeks.

Yes, because he only plays 3 out of 5 games. Consistency my man , consistency. You get into grooves by paying everyday , not sitting the day after you hit 2 homeruns. Mesoraco is either the everyday catcher or he’s not. Do what you say instead of feeding us a bunch of crap.

I get what you are saying and generally agree … however, he was as hot as ever playing most of the time earlier in the year. He wasn’t playing every day then either. Are you saying he would have hit 600 earlier in the year if he would have played every day? Maybe he’s dinged up a bit, that we don’t know about. He was involved in two plays at the plate last week. One of which he got bowled into pretty hard. He is still battling the hamstring issues. It came up again last week. Sometimes, as a manager you have to protect the guys form themselves. Mesoraco always plays extremely hard (actually runs every thing out) so an extra day off here or there so he doesn’t re-pull a fatigued hamstring or an extra day to shake off the cobwebs or to clear his head is not a bad idea. Most catchers these days don’t even catch 140 games. Mesoraco has already been on the DL twice …. so to me that doesn’t mean he has to play every day to make up for it …. it means we need to take care of him a bit to make sure he’s healthy enough to play 75-80% of the rest of the games. It is what it is. If he learned to play another position … that would help get him in the lineup more. First made the most sense but now that JV is back … he probably wouldn’t play there any except a token time or two anyway. Plus, I say again … he has been struggling badly for 2-3 weeks …. so an extra day off …. when he is struggling is NO big deal. I will agree though … that I don’t like that he’s automatically out of the lineup when Cueto pitches. That bothers me … especially when we face a left handed pitcher.

What was the big deal getting Latos to 100 pitches in the minors but take him out tonight after 87 pitches? Instead, the bullpen blows it again.

I was thinking the same thing. Especially since the Reds were trying to avoid using Chapman for sure and maybe Broxton too. I thought Latos would go out for one more inning. The bullpen stinks outside of Broxton and Chapman. Every one else might pitch well when we are losing but if we are trying to protect a lead or are tied all the rest of the guys are NOT trustworthy. It’s a real problem! Especially with all the close games we play.

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