Price: Guys still expect to win

Wednesday marked the second-straight day the Reds had a season-high eight game deficit in the NL Central behind the Brewers. They haven’t been more than eight out in a season since finishing 17 back in 2011.

As the losses mount, there can often be a danger of of a team getting complacent or comfortable or resigned to losing. Reds manager Bryan Price said that hasn’t happened to his club, but there has been an issue he’s had to handle without him getting into specifics.

“To me, what verifies if guys are still expecting to win is the effort that you get on the field,” Price said on Wednesday. “There are times here in the last week where we’ve had a couple of guys that haven’t run the ball out hard. That’s disappointing to me. That bothers me and we address it and we’ll continue to address it and not allow it to permeate the ball club. What we need are guys that bust their tail every day. As long as we get that, it’s hard to complain.”

This is getting to be a critical juncture for the Reds. It’s not early any more. Although the pitching has been good overall, the staff has given up five or more runs in five of the last six games while the offense still struggles.

The Reds haven’t broken out with a hot month yet or gotten on any roll with confidence. Price believed it was still possible.

“We have to go out there and get that,” he said. “We can’t sit on our hands and think it’s just going to happen. These guys are working hard. There is no complaint as far as the effort goes. [But] the results haven’t been great. It could be a lot worse. We’re eight games out, five games under .500 (29-34) and haven’t played terribly well collectively. There is room for improvement. I’m confident we will improve.”


Cannot W I N without runs….As a broken record keeps repeating Where is the RBI guy? T2

They can say what they want, but when they get behind even early in the game, they fold it in until tomorrow. I still believe but time is fading away!

Underlining the Red’s batting woes…
1-29 when trailing after 6 innings.
25-0 when leading after 6 inning.
15th time Reds have score 1 run or less.
21st time in 63 games Reds have scored 2 runs or less (33%).
Largest comeback to win remains 2 runs (May 4).

Clutch isnt a stat… Most dont believe it even exists…. But we dont have it and it shows. Go figure. Maybe we will get them next year as it is this one is toast.

The Reds DON”T have anyone who is capable of getting in another player’s face when they don’t do things right. They have NO leadership. This team was done 3 weeks ago. Price can say what he wants but they still don’t advance runners ,hit with runners in scoring position and their base running (Phillips) is horrible. If a player isn’t running balls out , sit his butt. Pull him right then and there. They’re babied way too much. Maybe they need to embarrass them. Nothing else has worked.

Through 6, the Reds are leading 4-0. It’s the first game since 4/25
where both Votto & Bruce had an RBI in the same game.

Boy, now that Broxton is healthy…he’s a stud. If ever the Reds trade Chapman, I
have no reservations of making the Brox the new end-closer. I say that for two reasons: 1) Chapman will be making huge money in the not-so-distant future, and,
2) he is worth a great deal in trade; a great deal. (ps…it would be nice to think that we could/would have a dude like Stanton playing in LF and batting clean up). Hey, dreams are always permissible!?*

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