Game 64: Dodgers at Reds



Just a note. Pena has caught 3 of the last 5 games.

I’m tired of the Cueto / Pena battery especially when the Reds are facing a tough left hand pitcher. We need Mesoraco’s bat in there. Oh well …. Apathy is the way to go … I’m pretty much there.

I agree 100%. Couldn’t have said it any better. WE don’t count though. So much for Mesoraco being the evryday catcher.

I have to agree on the Pena comments. Mesoraco and Frazier are the only hitters on the team showing any consistency at the moment. It’s also obvious that the different lineups each game hasn’t helped either. You play your best eight players and you put them in the best order possible and leave it alone. I’ve said this before and will repeat it one last time. Bryan Price is a great pitching coach and that’s what he should be doing! Let’s get some one in here that isn’t compelled to be everybody’s buddy to manage this team!

DITTO !!!!!!!!

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