Game 63: Dodgers at Reds

Votto has been activated. Donald Lutz was optioned to Triple-A Louisville.



Where is Heisey. Schumaker is another ST. Louis has been. He sucks.

Heisey no better. Heisey has proved time and time again that he can be productive as a pinch hitter or as a part-timer, but he struggles when he plays everyday.

Ok we are healthy with 100 games to go. Let’s see what happens!

And just like that this team should hit and be dangerous. Latos will start in 5 days so we have a complete team.

And just like that , 1 run again and another loss closer to blowing this team up.

After the calendar flips to July, and if we are still struggling in our own quagmire of <.500, I suggest the following players are NOT eligible to be traded:
Votto, Bruce, Mesoraco, Frazier & Hamilton. I would listen to any and all trades concerning all of the remaining players. We may have a great deal of talent, but we have heard this for several years now and the talent has not performed to expectations; wishing and hoping day after day is ludicrous. May well be time to
'push the button'.

BTW…I think we all have seen the fire in the play of Pena and Shumacher; they aren’t the best and they aren’t answers, but they play hard and they play with passion.
Unfortunately, both honed those attributes with other teams; something that the Red’s home grown has been lacking.

I agree 100%. Although I may willing to trade Votto and Bruce. However I don’t think any team will tak on Votto’s salary. You are dead on about Pena and Shumaker and the fact that the Reds’ home grown talent has no fire or leadership abilities. The last leader was Scott Rolen and we see what has happened since he was in Cincinnati. Oh , and just so happens that Shumaker and Rolon came from St. Louis. Imagine that.

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