Game 61: Phillies at Reds



There’s a Donald Lutz sighting! Make it a good one!

This is probably the best lineup we can put out there right now … or at least it’s close. Hopefully that means we can score today. The magic # is 4. If we score 4 or more runs we win over 2/3 of our games. If we score 3 or less we are absolutely awful. Cheer for at least 4 runs … then we have a good chance! Unfortunately, that is much harder than it should be this year.

I just went back and looked up the Reds record when they score 4 or more runs …. it’s 21-8 (.724 win %) when they score 3 runs or less they are 7-24 (.226 win %) Unbelievably they score 3 or less runs more than they score 4 or more. Again, I say, the magic # is 4! 🙂

4 was enough today.🙂

how does the hitting coach still have a job. how is cozart still starting and why isnt there a ss in the minors that they can call up. i do believe with a solid hitting coach and we would be ok. too many games i thought cy young was pitching against us.

Expect changes next week…Latos off to Pawtucket and will pitch Monday for AAA Louisville in what should be final rehab start. Expected to throw 90-100 pitches. Votto not far behind.

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