Game 60: Phillies at Reds



I don’t understand Frazier at 1st and Santiago at 3rd again. Frazier looks totally uncomfortable at first this year and Santiago gives you zero offensively. Why not play Lutz at first. He at least has the potential to do something. Why did the Reds bring him up to sit? It makes NO sense. I’m not looking to bash Price … I like him … I just don’t understand this. It’s getting to the point where it’s hard to even watch the games anymore … which is very sad!

I came to the comment section to make a comment and you had already posted EXACTLY what I wanted to say.Santiago’s bat is like having a 2nd pitcher,so what Price says about not being able to find a spot for Lutz is B.S.
Not that Lutz is changing anything when 6 of your 8 batters have hit under .200 with runners in scoring position.
Something is just wrong with the team or lineup or attitude or health or all,something.I cant put my finger on.cause it seems like the talent is there.They just cant get it done.

Amen Mitch!

Wow somebody still watches this team? I gave up as someone who watched evey game 3 weeks ago…..nothing else happing might watch….they have no chance!!!

i would have played Lutz at first and sit down Cozart for a day. And Bruce who isnt hitting is batting 4th?? Frazier should be batting 4th and Bruce 6th!!!!

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