Extra notes: Price; Frazier; Lutz

As the Reds have see-sawed from low to high and back to low again lately, manager Bryan Price was asked if and how he tries to keep the clubhouse from getting down or overly frustrated. Price believes it starts with his own tone setting.

“I try to provide emotional consistency myself,” Price said on Saturday. “I’m sure there is, at times, a palpable frustration that we all share. The thing that gets so frustrating is to play so well and win five out of six and win four in a row and then come back and look almost lifeless. That’s frustrating. It’s certainly not because the guys don’t care. Everybody here wants to win and play better.”

In a game where every team expects and wants to win, Price would like his team to take what it wants more.

“We have to be able to fight harder than our opponents,” he said. “Even without Joey, this isn’t a bad ball club. This is a good ball club. We have pitching and defense that shows up almost every day. We have the top defensive club in baseball in my opinion. We have starting pitching that has kept our bullpen fresh. I think we’ve thrown the fewest innings from our bullpen out of every team in the [Major Leagues] So it’s a rested bullpen. Still we’re five games under .500. The math doesn’t equate to the record. But we have to fight harder. We get behind and it takes our spirit away. That can’t happen. We’re all professionals here. We’ve got to play a more professional game.”

*Todd Frazier, normally the Reds’ third baseman, was back at first base back-to-back games on Saturday. Frazier has three starts at first base, and three errors — one in each game. That included his missing a Ryan Howard one-hopper in the ninth inning. It led to a run scoring during Friday’s 8-0 loss. Since Frazier has been such a good third baseman defensively, he’s disappointed he hasn’t been as sharp on the other side of the infield.

“I don’t know. I can’t explain it,” Frazier said. “When you’re a utility guy, I guess, you’re used to playing at all different positions and work at it a lot. Not to make an excuse, I should’ve had all three, but I haven’t been a utility guy for two years. I don’t mind playing there at all. Don’t get me wrong. I always find a way to make one of them. What are you going to do? I can’t really explain it.”

*Since his promotion on May 23, 1B/OF Donald Lutz has made only two starts. They both came at first base but he hasn’t started since last Saturday at Arizona. Price has been finding it difficult to find playing time for Lutz.

“It’s tough for many reasons,” Price said. “It’s tough because of what I have to do with our roster to get him in there. Sometimes when a time looked good, we’re facing a left-handed starter. Not that I don’t think he can hit left-handed pitching, but there is a better match-up. Other times, it would be removing a guy I like as an offensive player to get that spot. It’s been more challenging than I thought for sure. I anticipated Lutzy playing a little bit more but I haven’t been able to get him in there as much as I would have liked.”


re “…it would be removing a guy I like as an offensive player to get that spot.”

Yep! He just HAS to play Santiago and his .189 avg against a righthander tonight!

I thought dusty was a bad manger but price is making him look like a great manger. Going to be a long season

Send Lutz back down; let him continue to improve and trade him. I can’t believe we play Santiago at third, Frazier at first with Lutz on the bench.

Again I don’t buy into this, your talking about Lutz, but the problem was putting Santiago on third, who says you have to find playing time, this is not Spring Training, Play the Hottest players just go back on who has been productive the last 10 games a choose care less about the used to be’s batting, Frazier in the 2 hole was a waist 4 hrs this week 2 while batting 2nd with no Runners on he’s a 4,5,6 hole batter Shumaker is no 2 hole him and Billy have good chemistry . wish Price would tell us why he thinks Pena has to catch Johnny every 5 days and sit Devin . We waited 25 games before your hopes of Bruce hitting a HR him batting clean up is a joke he should be in the bottom and learn to hit into LF when the shift is on.

Price,like Dusty has to play everyone. Modern day baseball managers seem to rely on the computer to make decisions. They make the game way harder than it has to be. If Price is to be a good manager he needs to change. I don’t think he will, though.
That means the Reds will be getting another manager sooner than later. He has learned to cover butt well , though withwhat he says to the press.

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