RIP, Laptop

This wasn’t the easiest night at the office. In the top of the eighth inning of the Reds-Giants series opener, I was close to filing my first version of Tuesday’s game story. I wanted to file after the third out, so I waited out the at-bat by Pablo Sandoval.

Big mistake.

Sandoval proved to be a marksman as his foul ball behind the plate came in hot to the press box, and hit my laptop… and killed it.

Normally when fouls come our way into the press box, I close the laptop quick and either try to make a play or get out of the way. The ball was too hard to catch, so I rolled back in my chair to avoid it …

And forgot to close the laptop. Big mistake, No. 2.

The video will tell the rest of the story.



Hey Mark Sorry to hear about your laptop! I thought you might like to check out my new baseball song “It’s A Baseball Kind Of Day”. This is my Cincinnati Reds version (I was born and raised in Walnut Hills and am a lifelong Reds fan), if you google It’s a baseball kind of day I have slideshows for over half the MLB teams. I need a lot more images for my Reds slideshow which I did last season (check out the Yankees, Marlins, Cubs because I did them recently and they are much better) and I need to have about 30 more images for the Reds. It would be great if you could let your followers know about my song and I would love to have them send me some pics of them (especially kids and dogs) at the ballpark or in Reds gear so I can add them to my Red’s slideshow. I now live in South Florida and like to go to Marlin’s games but I still love my Redlegs, follow them closely and get up to Cincy for playoff games. GO REDS!!!!! Patrik

Mark – Congrats you made it on SportsCenter

It just looks like the screen is broken and not the internal components. If that is the case, you could probably get an external monitor and get the files off the computer. You could also get the screen replaced probably, but the cost might not be worth it.

A B I G OUCH !!!! Mark, Now how are you going to keep track of the minimal Reds RBI’s for the year and the astronomical LOB numbers???? Pad and pencil I guess still work….

Mark get the screen and ball to Charlie Frank…… He can raffle it off for the Reds Community foundation…..Or display it at the Reds HOF

Mark…Bad luck, my friend. Nothing worse than losing your computer; whether you have it backed up or it can be retrieved. Out of curiosity, let us know what you end up replacing it with. With your work load it would be interesting to know what you use to keep up with all your daily work. Better luck, Mark.

Tonight, it will be my wife’s laptop. New machine from arrives tomorrow hopefully.

Youre reaction was priceless bud. I totally felt for ya. Good thing you don’t have to pay for the new one.

Hey mark I just saw your interesting situation with your work and laptop. I recently started a job that has required me to learn Google for education and business. Google has literally solved problems like yours by saving documents with every change you make to any story on any device.

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