Game 56: Giants at Reds



Marty Brennaman (sp?) said that your dining recommendations are the best…where can we find those?

I do a food guide each February for Spring Training, but for places at home and on the road during the regular season, it’s just with Marty on the air.

Thanks Mark,

I did hear about your meal in Arizona. This sounds like what that guy does on ESPN during college football season…Todd Blackledge?…he visits an eating establishment and they air it as a regular feature.

Tim Heidel

hmm Posey playing 1st base to get more at bats. Makes sense to me… Mez get in LF and take some fly balls.

He names them on the Reds broadcast on the radio Tim. I know because the only way I can catch most of the games living in NW Indiana is by listening to AM700. You ask Mark on here about a certain city. I’m sure he’ll give you a good spot…

Thanks Mike…

Sorry about your computer! Hope it has a warranty Mark

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