Hamilton has sore elbow

I have the complete recap of a 4-3 victory for the Reds over the D-backs Sunday that capped wild week on the road with a 4-3 record. Not bad considering how it started. Thursday certainly had a rock-bottom feel to it when Josh Collmenter faced the minimum. Now a new test begins on Tuesday when the Giants come to town. They happen to have the best record in baseball.

Go to MLB.com/Reds.com to read all about the game.

Items of note:

*Reds CF Billy Hamilton was scratched shortly before first pitch because of a sore right elbow. It started bothering him on Saturday, when Hamilton made a long throw to third base after Paul Goldschmidt’s deep drive to center field advanced A.J. Pollock.

“I’m going to see the doctor tomorrow and I should be OK for Tuesday,” Hamilton said. “It was a shock [manager Bryan Price] took me out today because I didn’t know I was coming out. He knows a little better than I do. It’s his decision. I feel a lot better now. I got some treatment and got it worked on a little bit. We’ll see how it goes the next couple of days.”

*Chris Heisey’s homer in the fifth inning that snapped a 3-3 tie was his second of the season and first since April 13.

“You can’t try to hit home runs. They just come and go,” Heisey said. “I could not hit one in Spring Training. It feels like I can’t hit one during the season. It was nice to end up getting one, especially for it to end up being the game winner. It feels good to help the team out. I haven’t been playing as well as I’d like the first two months of the year. The good news about baseball is you have time to pick yourself up and pick the team up and start playing better. I plan on doing that.”

*Zack Cozart’s fourth-inning homer was also his second of the season, and first since April 20 at Chicago — a span of 120 at-bats.

*Jonathan Broxton pitched the eighth inning and saw his streak of 18-straight batters retired end on Martin Prado’s two-out single. Broxton has not allowed a run in nine-straight appearances (8 1/3 ip).


I have read where Price has talked to Ludwick prior to today’s game and discussed the new LF assignments going forward; the Reds will be splitting time between Heisey, Bernardino and himself (Ludwick), for the rest of the season. Ludwick had
2 H today.

any update on Hamilton’s elbow

With this season in turmoil; thus far, there is talk around the boards of the Reds moving forward and preparing for 2015 or 2016. In order to accomplish this, several trade ideas are starting to circulate. Cueto, Leake, Latos & Chapman are moving into contract extension times and monies aren’t readily available to extend all four. Cueto would bring the highest ticket price; maybe moving several quality players to Cincy in return for his services. Leake and Chapman are also at the top of their game and should bring in talent. Latos is iffy only do to his injury, but if sound, could bring in some talent. Then there is Cozart and the discussion of whether he will ever be able to hit the ball, rather than trying to club it in every at bat (batting average + on base).
Clearly we are once again searching for a quality LF, as Price has made it clear that LF will be platooned the rest of the season, by no less than three players! And, with a extremely poor offense that has not produced any playoff highlights, something has to give; a superior LF with batting credentials is in the offing prior to the trading deadline. At least that’s my take. Playing a dead man’s hand in poker only works when you are a successful bluffer; something that can’t be played in MLB. The Reds have tried that for several seasons now. Next two months are going to be interesting.

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