Game 55: Reds at Dbacks

Hamilton 8 Heisey 9
Frazier 5
Phillips 4
Mesoraco 2
Pena 3
Ludwick 7
Heisey 9 Schumaker 8
Cozart 6
Simon 1

UPDATE at 3:53 p.m. ET: Billy Hamilton was scratched before game time because of a sore right elbow.


So what complaints do people have today?

We are now officially 1/3 through this season having played game #54 yesterday…
Record of 25-29
Win percentage of .463
Games back 7
At home 12-12
On the road 13-17
R scored 188
R given up 200
Differential -12
…with 108 games remaining, the Reds would have to play .602 winning ball to
win 90 games; 65-43.

Pitching stats for May…
Starters ERA…
Mike Leake 2.16
Johnny Cueto 2.25
Homer Bailey 4.26
Alfredo Simon 4.45
Tony Cingrani 5.29
Bullpen studs…
0.87 Jonathan Broxton (10.1 IN, 1 ER)
1.74 Sam LeCure (10.1 IN, 2 ER)

Mark’s writeup on MLB pretty much answered how Price feels about playing Mesoraco, and where he will be playing…
“It’s hard to sit Devin, especially after he moved back to the seventh spot in the lineup and did some real damage for us down there,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “It doesn’t mean that Brayan will catch every start for Johnny. But Johnny has been so good, I hate to disrupt it.”
Mesoraco entered the night batting .355 with eight homers and 25 RBIs in 26 games despite two stints on the disabled list this season.
Price was asked if there was a way to play Mesoraco at a different position to get his legs rested while still keeping his bat in the lineup.
“Right now, he’s catching four out of every five [games],” Price said. “You’ve got [Yadier] Molina and [Miguel] Montero over here and these guys might catch a month straight without a day off if you have enough [scheduled] days off in the month. I don’t think it necessitates that at this point in time.
“There could be some benefit to it if he played some first base because that would allow him to stay in the lineup in this current situation. But if Joey [Votto] was healthy, it would be almost impossible to find a spot for Devin anywhere else. I don’t see him as a corner outfielder or third baseman.”

Hope Hamilton is being “rested” and this isn’t a result of him sliding into 2nd base head first as the ball hit him somewhere on the left side of his body. He grimaced and slowly rose to his feet, but stayed in game.

Mark, if you get an answer, please let us know how he hurt his right elbow.
TIA, Neb.

Jim Day tweeted Hamilton told him it was making a throw to 3B last night. The word on injury came 10 minutes before game time so there was no way for me to see him pre-game. I will try to get more postgame.

Where was Jay Bruce last night ? Is he 100% healthy or are the Reds going to play him just against right handers and have another platoon position ? Maybe he’ll sit untill Votto comes off the DL and he can go on . Save money,eh ?

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