Game 54: Reds at Dbacks

Hamilton 8
Schumaker 7
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Pena 2
Lutz 3
Cozart 6
Cueto 1


Mez needs another position when he is not catching. This team can’t afford him to miss 20-30 games a year, actually probably more.

Doesn’t seem to reach anyone in management,but let’s get some new bodies quickly.

Please tell me I am not really seeing the lineup for today…Mesoraco is not in the
starting lineup? Really? Is this lineup based on computer numbers also? You have to be kidding me…I can’t even understand this manager. I thought Baker was goofy in his coaching moves; Price is even more difficult to follow after the lst half; his managerial moves (especially lineup set-ups) are even more radical and less logical, imo.

Ditto Neb!

Catchers cant catch everyday, And Mes had already been to the DL twice this year. Relax and watch Pena tear it up, he is having a career year himself. Looks like Ludwick has lost his Lf job. At least that is what I am reading between the lines

I agree with Neb. Price is just plain STUPID !!! If you don’t catch him , at least put at 1st base. He put Bernadina there last night with no experience. It’s the HAPPY system all over. Besides , Cueto hasn’t pitched well the last two times out with Pena. This is a bunch of B.S. Fire Price now and get it over with . Who said this guy was a smart baseball man. I don’t think so!

I know its tough right now but price is not stupid he makes millions of dollars doing something you people pretend to think you know something about opinions are fine but just because they don’t do what you think doesn’t mean that they don’t know anything get a grip

PS goes to show Dusty wasn’t as bad as Yall thought that should say something about your baseball IQs

And ditto Jim!

Just because you make millions of dollars doesn’t mean you know what you’re doing. You are right ,though. Stupid is a harsh word and I apoligize for that,. Just frustrated,

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