Bernadina move paid off

There sure was a lot of hemming and hawing on social media before the Reds played the D-backs on Friday. Much of it concerned the start of struggling hitter Roger Bernadina. It wasn’t just that Bernadina was playing with a .146 average, he was playing first base for the first time ever in a game and starting over both Brayan Pena and Donald Lutz. I admit to also being highly skeptical as well.

Manager Bryan Price was playing the sample size that Bernadina had against Bronson Arroyo. Credit Price here because it worked. While Devin Mesoraco’s two homers, including a grand slam, were the featured act in a 6-4 victory, Bernadina had two hits, a RBI and a run scored. He hit a single to load the bases before Mesoraco’s grand slam in the second inning and hit a rocket of a RBI double high off the center field wall in the sixth.

Lifetime vs. Arroyo, Bernadina is 9-for-13. People often hate when small sample sizes are mentioned, but it definitely worked on Friday.


Let’s see what happens tonight when Price benches Mesoraco in order for Cueto to have is personal catcher . Bench a guy after a two home run night ? We’ll see.

That can’t happen, but it probably will!

Price wonders why the Reds can’t win more than 2 games in a row. I’d have to guess it has something to do with moves like this. Let’s HOPE it doesn’t happen,
but I bet it does. lol

7 year career….237/.307/.354/.661
w/Reds (2014)….176/.311/.235/.547
And, it is true that Bernadina hits in the 6-hole better than any other
position in the lineup, over his 7 year career, but I continue to contend
that he had no business hitting in front of Mesoraco. Further, Mesoraco
should be hitting clean-up as a fixture; that means never move. followed
by Bruce and then Frazier. Running the “fill-ins” up the flagpole every few
days or finding the quintessential-perfect hitter for any given day using
statistics is not how we will ever get to the playoffs (for clarity on this issue,
see end of 2014 season). I remain a Reds fan but face reality and it doesn’t
look very appealing this season. Remember all, we play 1-GM great, 2-GM
poor, 2-GM great, 1-GM poor…it’s been all season. Our longest winning
streak has been 3-GM, longest losing streak has been 4-GM. We just don’t
have the horses and we certainly don’t have the trainers, imo.

…and of course, our production of R; 5 of 6 on the wings of another HR or two. Take
Mesoraco out of the GM, well…I think we know what the outcome would have
been. The Reds have raised this guy tolerantly to become the Reds #1 C and clean-up hitter; stated sometime ago by management. This their basis why they would not trade him a few years ago when a team wanted him in a trade; the Reds balked. Instead, they traded their other spectacular C, but kept Mesoraco. I never saw much with this guy until the Reds gave him the #1 position, officially, and traded one of the fans favorites wearing shin guards at the beginning of this season. That move literally sprang Mesoraco and created a wave of confidence that has blossomed. However, imo, we continue to stifle what could be the ‘second coming’ of a C that could post some huge numbers. If any of this true, why not bat him where the most damage can be done; clean-up. Moving this guy up and down the order is ludicrous, imo. I have not seen a ‘conveyor belt lineup’ win much in any of my many years of following MLB.

I agree Neb. Why do have to have a personal catcher for Cueto which , to this point, takes our hottest hitter out of the lineup. Why can’t Mesoraco play 1st base ?

Jim, you raise some provocative points. There was some talk about Mesoraco playing LF, when not C. Gotta wonder if Price got the memo.

Mesoraco’s batting positions thus far this season:
2nd – 1
3rd – 1
4th – 4
5th -5
7th – 13
8 – 2

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