Game 53: Reds at Dbacks

Hamilton 8
Schumaker 7
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Bernadina 3
Mesoraco 2
Santiago 6
Leake 1

*This is Bernadina’s first career start at 1B. More later on

*UPDATE: Now that I am at the ballpark, before the clubhouse is open, I took a look at the new members of the lineup career numbers vs. Bronson Arroyo.

Bernadina is 7-for-10 (.700) with two doubles
Schumaker is 19-for-51 (.373)
Santiago is 2-for-3

Combined, they are 28-for-64 (.438) vs Arroyo. What does that mean for tonight? I do not know.


any rumors about the Reds and a trade?

Only one i have heard is that the angels asked about Marshall

If the Reds cannot go out and get a leftfielder with some power, like they should of with Nelson Cruz, they will never compete. I think if we move Cingrani to the pen when Latos returns, we will improve our chances in this division. Lutz also needs to be given a chance to do his thing. He is a better defensive leftfielder than Ludwick, has good speed, and has the chance to be a real talent in this league. The only thing that is holding him back is Price. He gets 2 hits versus the Dodgers, and now he has been benched for no reason. What a joke.

I dont mind trying something new. Just dont understand why Lutz is not given 1st Base instead of Bernadina. I get putting Pena there because he is hitting but Bernadina is not hitting at all. So why him over Lutz?

I dont get the Lutz snub

It means Price will bench them.

The answer is simple. Price is not a very good manager. They play the guys with the higher salary in order to justify why they signed them. Santiago and Bernadina belong in minor league uniforms. They can’t ht. Oh , Nobody else can either . Sorry.

Price is going to play the entire 25 man squad, ala: Baker. But to bat Bernadina ahead of Mesoraco seals the deal for me. Totally in shock, especially following a
drubbing by one of the worst teams in all of MLB! Why am I in shock; San Diego beat us 2 of 3! Shumaker is the real deal; but heck, he had superior coaching by another team imo, but Bernadina is junior and Santiago has only 3 ABs. Would suggest that with men-on-base they start to COACH the team, including where to hit the ball in order to score a R or two! Hard to believe that these money-making ball players can’t see the script-writing of “how to” when they reach the plate; swinging from their heels is impressive, but not while sitting 8 games out of lst, 4-6 over their last 10, #29 in R in MLB…and an embarrassing, DEAL LAST, that’s right…#30 of 30 teams in all of MLB in RBI! Not too sure what is worse…fans thinking they are embarrassed for what they have done this season, or me being embarrassed to watch them doing their ‘thing’ again, and again, and again, and again. This is a very sad season; for not only the Reds, for the fans…most importantly moving forward, for Mr. Castellini. The good thing is that he will be here moving forward for years to come; I hope.

…sorry for the typos, but you guys can figure out my ire. I outa here.

Bernadina was crucial to last night’s win. And crucial from the six hole. Go back to your drawing board.

Sometimes you need to make moves that get the attention of your team. They have been sleep walking through most of this year despite Price trying many different lineups. He did get 1 good week out of JV when he moved him to the 2nd spot in the lineup (JV’s only good week of the season btw) but hasn’t been able to get any sustained results. I think this lineup was a great move … if you get ANY kind of reaction from this team (fiery, mad or whatever) Price has at least made some progress. Price is fine and will be a great manager when it’s all said and done. I think he needs to break the team down from their soft ways and toughen them up and then build them back up. He’s like Coach Dale in Hoosiers. 🙂 Just give him a chance … Coach (manager) stays.

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