Game 52: Reds at Dbacks

Hamilton 8
Frazier 5
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Mesoraco 2
Ludwick 7
Pena 3
Cozart 6
Cingrani 1


Why are they holding onto Ludwick? I do not get it. Price said that he was not going to sit around and wait all season for something to happen. Well Mr. Price, stand up now and take some action. If Jock does not want to release Ludwick, then set him down. The Reds need to go with Donald Lutz, no matter if it is a left or righty starting. Playball Reds!!!! It is time for real change, not the change promised to us 6 years ago.

Why are Ludwick and Schumaker still on the team—–is there not any betters they can find—oh Jocketty still the gm.

It’s time to blow up this over rated bunch and start over.

So glad fans do not run baseball teams, LOL.


Yes sir. What other team has a guy on the bench for 8 games (Votto) who can’t play and then put him on the DL just so they don’t have to pay a call uip the major league minimum ? Let’s just paly the whole season with 24 players and save some more money. What a joke. How convienent Bruce just happen to come off the DL at the same time.

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