Catching up with Arroyo

One of the things that was expected with this Reds-Diamondbacks series is seeing former Red Bronson Arroyo with Arizona. Of course, Arroyo caught up with teammates on the field during batting practice.

For a few minutes, Arroyo talked to Cincinnati media members and caught up with us as well. It’s no stretch or exaggeration to say Arroyo was the most accessible, intelligent and honest players I’ve ever covered with the Reds. As far as best to interview, I’ve always had a hard time deciding between Arroyo and Torii Hunter when he was with the Twins.

I won’t be able to get all of what Arroyo said into my story for That will also feature quotes from Bryan Price and Leake. For now, here is some expanded quotes from Arroyo:

“It’s a bizarre situation because this is the first time I will pitch against an entire team that almost every guy came up as a rookie when I was already an established Major League player. I dressed these guys in diapers. It’s weird, it’s like pitching against your best friend that’s lived next door to you your whole life for the first time – not just Leake, but everybody.

I might be on the mound laughing tomorrow. I have no idea what’s going to happen. It’s going to be a strange experience.

You know these people so well, on and off the field. It seems like it might slow the game down in a way. Every pitch instead of just being a batter at the plate, it’s Zack Cozart, who you had lunch with here. It’s kind of a different vibe. I don’t know how the game is going to go.

These guys know my game as good as anybody. Bryan Price, I’ve probably been as intimate with him as anybody I’ve ever been with in the game about my pitching style and my selection and why I do things. He’s heard me talk about my idea of how to beat hitters and my theory on it for a very long time. They have as much knowledge as I have against them. It’s going to be a very strange chess match because it’s playing against somebody that you have to try and make two moves to see if you can just beat them at one because they’re already a step ahead.

They know I’m very unpredictable but there’s a lot of predictability inside of that unpredictability and the way my style has been all these years.

I don’t know. I feel like it’s going to go one way or the other. I’m either going to put all zeroes on the board, or I’m going to put up a nine spot. I don’t think it’s going to be anything in between.”



I hope Bronson throws a no – hitter…No disrespect intended for my beloved Reds….. I just miss Bronson….

“Phillips’ homer helps Bailey outduel Kershaw
By Mark Sheldon / | 5/29/2014”
It happened, once again, on the flight of a HR. Without the blast,
well…we know all too well what the outcome would have been.
Point being, once again, that the Reds need to understand what
a RALLY is and not rely solely on, a) and outstanding pitching
performance by both the SP & BP, and b) someone (or others) in
the lineup hitting a HR. For the sake of the Reds’ that may be watching,
(tic), I will supply two definitions of the term, RALLY…
1) A term in baseball referring to an occurrence in which the batting team records several hits in a single inning that result in more than one run.
2) Although most rallies tend to occur as a series of consecutive hits, as long as several hits score multiple runs, it can be considered a rally. Most often an instance is labeled a rally if the batting team begins the inning tied or trailing the defensive team. The most common type of rally referenced in baseball is the “two out rally”, in which the batting team is down to its final out in the inning and records several consecutive hits to score enough runs to bring the game close, even, or to take the lead.
(PS…nice piece Mark on Arroyo; you captured his essence and makeup succinctly).

The Reds have SO 65 X in the last 5 games. Why do they continue to take the first pitch, even though many are right down broadway? Has someone told them this is the team mandate? We are already in a hole, why not use the ‘location’ as an assistance. I don’t understand the strategy; been going on for the entire season.

Encarnacion…remember him? He has now hit 16 HR in the month of May, tying the all time record for most HR in a month with… Mickey Mantle. Wow…this guy had a rubber arm, traded to TB and then sent down to the minors; at one point could have been picked up for some sliced cheese. Turned it all around and is hitting the ball like not many. Amazing.

Sorry guys…gotta say again, why?…because it happened once again.
3rd INN… Pena DBL,
Cozart follows with a fly ball to C,
Pena thrown out at 3rd trying to advance.
Please, anyone, tell me why Cozart is hitting a fly ball anywhere?
Why not hit the ball on the ground to the RIGHT SIDE OF THE FIELD?
I will never understand this team; who is in charge…and not just this
season, but for the last many seasons.

Yeah – and how about the 4th with Hamilton lead-off single? Was getting the pitcher all shook up and wouldn’t you know. No patience Frazier has to get one in play before Hamilton can even steal. Ridiculous – rally killer. That’s when I turned it off!

Bronson was and always will be my second favorite Red. Best of luck always to a class act.

Bronson, watching this Reds team hit (or rather not hit) I’d go with you will put up a lot of zeroes.🙂 This Reds team is just not good enough AND they do NOT handle stress well AT ALL. Never have and never will. It’s time to change some of the core … this core has missed its chance to accomplish anything and are too mentally damaged to ever do anything imo.

Bronson will pitch a 3-0 shut out.. cant see this team doing anything with the lack of adjustments at the plate.. Zero hitting behind the runners.. NOT going the other way on outside pitches.. Thanks Walt for saving me my time being wasted at the GABP.. I will wait till I see true changes.. not just the coaches.. Or manager.. i wanted a message sent in the off season about this lousy offense that cant hit when it counts. Sadly Walt is okay with it..And will blame the injuries.. Cards stepped it up last year losing 3 starting pitchers. heck this team needed a Pinella type to lite a fire under them.. this team shows no Focus on the final prize.. just cashing their checks 2 times a month

I’ve pledged not to shave till the Reds win two games in a row. I expect to go Duck Dynasty before I have to lather up.

I honestly can say I am rooting for Arroyo tonight…

We really miss ya Bronson. You were a class act and I go I loved rooting for. You guidance of Leake is something I’ll be thankful for.

An excerpt from Mark’s writings today on MLB…
During all six of those games, the Reds have been held to three runs or less. Thursday marked the sixth shutout of the season.
“It’s one of those games that you’re simply embarrassed, basically,” Reds third baseman Todd Frazier said. “That’s all you can say. Everybody, from top to bottom, we’re not playing well, even though we got the win yesterday. We should have been rolling into this next game.”
The last time the Reds were held to three runs or less for six straight games were the final six games of the 2013 season, when they went 0-6 and limped to the National League Wild Card Game. This season, the club is ranked 29th out of 30 Major League teams in runs scored.
Manager Bryan Price has seen enough and indicated changes were coming.
“What you start to do is start to give more people opportunities,” Price said. “We have a five-man bench and we will utilize it as you’ll see [Friday] and over the course of this series and moving forward. You can’t keep trying the same things and expect a different result.
Good to see/perceive Price a bit riled up. Maybe we’ll see some “change”
that will bring some change…hope so, we are looking bad, we are playing bad.

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