Where was Bruce?

I almost saw my fourth no-hitter since 2010 on Monday evening as Hyun-Jin Ryu took a perfect game into the eighth inning against the Reds before a rally fell short in a 4-3 loss to the Dodgers. The game story, of course, is on MLB.com/Reds.com.

Here are some items I wanted to expand on:

*Jay Bruce, who had been given a night off, didn’t appear out of the dugout until he was on deck to pinch-hit in the ninth but never got up. When the Reds rallied for three runs in the eighth, the pitcher’s spot represented the tying run. Manager Bryan Price elected to use Skip Schumaker to pinch-hit instead of Bruce. Schumaker reached with a two-out walk against reliever Brian Wilson.

“I figured that might be a question coming in,” Price said. “I needed a great at-bat and I sent up Schumaker. It’s what he’s done. He’s been a bench player a good portion of his career. He’s been giving us really good consistent at-bats, especially of late, and I needed a great at-bat in that situation.”

*Price also stayed with Bruce’s lineup replacement — Chris Heisey — earlier in the eighth inning and again in the ninth inning. Heisey got a sac fly for the Reds’ first run and a two-out single in the ninth.

“I like guys that have been in the game and are warm and are active in seeing pitches – unless that guy is built to be that guy,” Price said. “Having Heisey up there in that situation, he had three prior at-bats. He was loose, had seen pitches and had been in the game. I felt like that was more of an advantage than bringing in a guy cold off the bench that doesn’t have a history of doing that job.”

*In the third inning after Todd Frazier’s two-out error at first base, Reds ace Johnny Cueto walked Yasiel Puig, prompting catcher Brayan Pena to give some stern talk to his pitcher at the mound.

“He came to the mound and said we can’t allow the same thing to happen in Washington,” said Cueto, who gave up six runs in his previous start for his first bad outing. “He said ‘just keep your head up and keep doing your job.'”

Heisey on the Reds’ struggles vs. Ryu: “We hit a couple of balls hard. Ludwick hit a rocket to the center fielder and Turner made a couple of nice plays in the hole on Cozart. Other than that, we really weren’t putting great at-bats together, myself included. Finally, Frazier got that double. That’s kind of how it goes. He’s locked in trying to make perfect pitches to keep us from getting a hit or base runner. Once we did that, we were able to get to him a little bit.”


“Heisey on the Reds’ struggles vs. Ryu” Maybe I missed the point entirely, but, why did Heisey start the game over Bruce if he “struggles” with Ryu?

Bruce could have batted for Hamilton, if not Heisey. Then, they could have moved Heisey to CF and put Bruce in RF. This is not rocket science.

  On the BENCH where he belongs….  a .200 hitter   Remember Dunn / Austin / Bruce  Strikeout leader

  Time to unload for a GOOD outfielder / HITTER 

Once again no situational hitting. How about sitting the team down to watch film of the 2012 Cardinals on how to do that. Pena and Fraser are the only two who show any emotion and look like they really care. And, what gives with the lousy third base coaching ? Maybe this team should be switched out with Pensacola or even Billings. Does Para have something on Price that hasn’t come out ?

Correction–I meant the2013 Cardinals.

Mark – please have them correct the box score – last run should be charged to Parra. I checked 3 different sites and ALL have Cueto giving up 4 but Gordon was Parra’s 1st batter.

Mark…I think we need your help; I too am perplexed. Isn’t the box score incorrect?
Wasn’t Gordon Parra’s responsibility/score? Appreciate your response.
Johnny Cueto pitching for Cincinnati
J Turner walked
D Butera flied out to left
E Arruebarrena hit a ground rule double to deep left, J Turner to third
H Ryu safe at first on error by shortstop Z Cozart, J Turner scored, E Arruebarrena to third
M Parra relieved J Cueto
D Gordon grounded into fielder’s choice to third, E Arruebarrena out at home, H Ryu to second
C Crawford doubled to left, H Ryu and D Gordon scored
Y Puig intentionally walked
A Gonzalez grounded into fielder’s choice to shortstop, Y Puig out at second.

I asked Reds media relations about it. You might be right on this.

Neb and others — The run did not belong to Parra. He recorded an out to Gordon on the fielder’s choice and thus technically did not allow that baserunner.

We sorely miss Mark Berry. I say put a uniform on him now. Mark we need you. You don’t miss people or appreciate the job they did until they are gone.

I think its obvious now that the prior coaching regime should have been retained and some players needed to be moved on. We can say what we want about Dusty but he did turn us around and it appears we’ve taken a step backwards. Injuries or no injuries.

1 Red Fan is right on !

Really???? You cant say injuries or no injuries. This has never been a deep team. If you take any teams number 1 starting pitcher, best hr hitter, best over all player, closer, catcher, center fielder, other pieces as well in the first two months the team will struggle. You cant say injuries or no injuries. If a team exceeds its either luck or depth or both. Neither of which this teams seems to have right now. This is a good team with a lot of missing parts trying to figure itself out… I am not saying I am happy with the lack of wins but we cant act like Dusty and the prior regime was better by any means. Dusty never went through this….

Thank you Mark for checking into this and responding. I have never
understood this situation before.

Why do we have to have “special ” catcher for Cueto ? He needs to be be a team player and pitch to Mesoraco. This lineup weakens the Reds both Offensively and defensively. I agree in trying to unload Bruce.(if any team will take him at his salary). He will never be consistent. At this point, I don’t think any of them are untouchable. As far as injuries are concerned , every team has them. Quit crying about it. Good teams get through it.

Mark – I know you didn’t make the the ruling on the run being charged to Cueto or Parra, but I didn’t realize they can just make up rules as they wish. Gordon was P’s batter. He could have struck him out, forced a DP, a Pop out, etc. – any of those things to NOT allow him on base. I get what you are saying about the FC, but how logical is it to charge a run to a pitcher who never had the chance to face that batter??? If the bases were loaded when P came in and all 3 scored, he would NOT be charged any of those because he didn’t get to face them. Why doesn’t C get the same treatment? How can P allow a runner to get on and NOT be charged the run?? He DID – after all – allow the bases clearing double.

Also, why would the run be earned? I can use this same logic and say that if Cozart fields the ball cleanly with runners at 2 & 3, he would have got somebody out – one of them or Ryu at 1st. Thus, Gordon’s grounder would have been the 3rd out.

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