Report: Reds to sign Marmol

According to the Twitter feed of CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman, the Reds have agreed to terms with veteran reliever Carlos Marmol to a Minor League contract. The club has not confirmed the signing, however.

Marmol was released by the Marlins on May 19 after he posted an 8.10 ERA with 10 walks and 14 strikeouts over 13 1/3 innings in 15 appearances. He was a longtime member of the Cubs but ran into control problems in recent seasons before being jettisoned last season and picked up by the Dodgers.

The Reds have issues with their bullpen this season as it’s 4.78 ERA is ranked last in the National League. The signing could be for depth but also could signify that if Marmol could find his control again in the Minors, he could be an option as relief help later this season.

I expect I will have more later on this.

Update: I confirmed that the club is bringing in Marmol for a physical. The deal is not finalized until then.


       WHERE’S OUR RF hitting HELP????    GET RID OF BRUCE .200 HITTER. 

Don’t be silly…Bruce can get hot and hit 20+ HR the rest of the way.
Check his stats; he’s a H and C hitter, but always ends up with numbers.
Glove ain’t too shabby either.

That may be true but it’s too late now. This season is over. Stats only tell part of the story. When you hit the home runs count, too. Besides, he strikes out way too much. How about that stat. All stats aren’t positive.

We are talking about Jay Bruce…
…the guy that averaged 87 R over the last 3 seasons,
…the guy that averaged 102 RBI,
…the guy that averaged 32 HR,
and all of the above, while averaging 166 SO.
Jim, you may count him out, but this is one guy I can’t. Within a month or two
he could be hitting far above his current level. Nothing in his past has ever
indicated anything different and I believe that only an injury could keep him
from duplicating or exceeding his predictable results for a season. No question
that he has had a tough beginning this season; now let’s see what he can do
for the remainder.

BTW…Bruce just turned 27 and I don’t think we have even seen anything close to what numbers he has and will put up over the next several years. In my view, this is one of the ‘keepers’ for the Reds.

Schumaker over Phillips. Really. Holy unbelievable.
A long 4 months are ahead with this thought process.
Is Price like Ray Knight and he’ll want to go to a 6 man rotation.
Hey Marty B, we’re 50 games into the season, can we say we are what we are. We stink. I feel like Bob Boone has returned too. This team needs a shake up Jim Bowden style. Ship three or four guys out. What we have is not working. Some kind of fire sale at the trade dead line please.

Neb. I like Jay Bruce and last year I thought he made improvements. This year he has retuned to being very inconsistent. I don’t think he is going to change. You have to have consistent improvement. He has gone backwards big time. All you have to do is get ahead in the count and have left handers throw him breaking balls down and away and righties down and in. He’ll swing 9 out of 10 times. Again, end of the year stats only tell part of the story.

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