Game 50: Reds at Dodgers

Hamilton 8
Schumaker 4
Mesoraco 2
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Lutz 3
Cozart 6
Bernadina 7
Simon 1


Wow. The season is falling apart so I guess it’s time to rest half the team? Why is Bernadina still even on this team?

Mark, I just do not get it. I guess that I have been preaching to the choir. Why is it that Pico or Price cannot set down with Homer and Tony, and explain the importance of getting the hitters off balance with a straight change? Tony just throws fastball after fastball after fastball right in the zone. He has a less than average slider, so he is trying to win in this league with basically one pitch. Homer never stops throwing fastballs right down Broadway, even though he sometimes will throw the split or slider, but he telegraphs them. If these kids could just learn to change speeds off of there fastball, what a difference things would be for them. They both have great arms, but they really do not understand the philosophy of out thinking the hitter. PLEASE GO TO PICO AND ASK HIM WHY HE IS NOT WORKING ON THIS. Look at the Missle last game, he started to throw straight changes, and I almost fell off my couch. The hitters were shocked I think, just like me. Wow, what talent we have that in many ways is not being utilized. Thanks

Why isn’t Phillips playing ? I love Shumaker in the lineup but he hasn’t played 2nd base all year . Dave is right . Bernadina is terrible. He must have pouted and asked to play. Gotta keep ’em happy. Mr. Price will be fired before the season is over. He is not a good manager.

it is not Price as much as Jocketty he should go

These constant, every other day, lineup/field changes cannot possibly be good for this team. Can’t remember any team that made it to the playoffs that changed lineups and positions every other day. And the worst is, I don’t think we need to continue to do it; especially so radically. Or maybe it’s just me and something I think is very invalid for superior results, both at the plate and in their respective positions. This trait is clearly something Baker did quite frequently; Price has continued the practice. There is something to be said about continuity, consistency and daily expectation.

It’s not just you Neb. I agree 100%. Maybe the Reds should’ve got someone outside the organization. Price is Dusty Dusty Jr. Please get rid of him now and don’t put us through the agony again.

what about Jocketty he got these guys

Wow I am not about to call for the mgrs head here… I agree this is terrible, absolutely terrible. But the team struck out 14 times. What is a mgr supposed to do here? I agree Phillips should have played. Rest him when Votto gets back. We need wins.

what do you expect when half the line up is bench players.

You play your best players. They get into grooves if they play every day . Bench players are bench players for a reason. The manager is the one who makes out the lineup card so it’s his head that should be on the block. They don’t need “rest” every 5 days . They’re world class athletes.

To get to 90 wins, the Reds would have to go 68-44 in their final 112 games.
That would require a winning percentage of .607. Hopefully, we will use the rest
of this season to restructure the team for next season. Right now, we play like
a thrown-together-Saturday-sand-lot-team; once again, no urgency and no accountability for poor plate discipline. How many times are we going to hit the ball to the left side of the field with a man on 2nd and fewer than 2 outs? Our plate discipline is now worse than last season; the good news is that we are no longer #28 of 30 MLB teams in R and RBI, the bad news is we are now #29 of 30! When your bottom line is ailing in business, it’s time to make immediate changes or you are in danger of going under; same for the Reds. Worse, if changes are not made and we continue to fail, the attendance will wane and so will revenues.
Reds runs scored/allowed through 50 games:
2013: 241/179
2014: 174/190
Reds run differential through 50 games:
2013: +62
2014: -16
Reds record through 50 games:
2013: 31-19 (-1.5)
2014: 22-28 (-7.5)

The only guy were missing is Votto bigblu. This season is a complete lost cause and I said it weeks ago. I’ve totally checked out on the Reds already and that’s sad.

The only guy from the starting 8. We are still out our top pitcher from last year. Oh and Votto is a pretty big loss. What would other teams do without their best player (MVP ability)? Its not like we are out a small piece of our offense. He is basically half our offense.

Oh and lets not forget the record over the last 50 games is not from what they have on the field right now. It was accumulated by all the injuries they have had all year. I am not happy with the results, but I cant blame them with all the injuries.

Odds to Win 2014 NL Pennant
Los Angeles Dodgers 7/2
St. Louis Cardinals 4/1
San Francisco Giants 9/2
Washington Nationals 5/1
Atlanta Braves 13/2
Milwaukee Brewers 8/1
Colorado Rockies 15/1
Cincinnati Reds 20/1…… win the WS….50/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 30/1
Miami Marlins 50/1
New York Mets 50/1
Philadelphia Phillies 60/1
San Diego Padres 60/1
Chicago Cubs 60/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 80/1

Votto is one of the biggest head cases I have ever seen. Don’t be surprised if you’ve seen the best of Joey Votto. MVP caliber Uh, NO. not even close. The Reds were losing with Mr. Over thinker.

The starting pitching cannot be blammed for any of it. They have the 2nd best ERA in the NL. The bullpen has been horrrendous. Not having Chapman, Broxton or Marshall early on was not good. But this offense is absolutely garbage…..even when they have Votto in the lineup.

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