Game 49: Reds at Dodgers

Hamilton 8
Cozart 6
Phillips 4
Frazier 3
Ludwick 7
Heisey 9
Pena 2
Santiago 5
Cueto 1


I noticed Bruce is missing from the lineup.. Is that an upcoming story? Also, has it been decided who will drop from the rotation when Lattos returns? The obvious choices are Bailey or Cingrani, and probably Cingrani because Bailey has tenure on his side, although that shouldn’t be a factor, but I do believe the long term contract is a strong factor. I’m not liking what I’ve seen so far this season from the offense in particular, along with certain relief pitchers. Parra and Ondrusek have not been impressive……Hoover might be getting it together, finally. I think it’s time someone of authority starts to “rattle some cages”. It’s time to “fish or cut bait”..

Little Jay must be hurt again . Trade him and Votto both. Oh , that’s right . Nobody wants them.

Or it is a tough LHP on the mound for LA…

I keep hearing how well Bruce hits left handers.

I am watching Parra scoring (2) more runs for the Dodgers. Is there any replacement for Parra???????

On the brighter side…
Down on the Farm
Quad Cities’ 1B Conrad Gregor hit his first Midwest League home run Saturday night. His mom and dad made the five hour drive from Carmel, Indiana to Davenport, Iowa to watch him play. His dad caught the home run ball!

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