Game 48: Cardinals at Reds



We’re up against it tonight…Wainwright is a premiere SP and although we got to
him a couple times last year, he’s no worse for the wear, having returned the favor earlier this season by shutting us down, 1-0. Leake has been pitching very well recently, lowering his ERA from 3.82 to 2.91 over the last 4 GM, while not allowing more than 2 ER and averaging 7+ IP per game. I also trust we know that going to the plate and ‘flailing away’ with windmill swings will play into this pros’ strengths. If not, I hope someone on the coaches bench schooled them. Last night we tried it and we whiffed a ridiculous 13 X.

Start with benching Ludwick. He’s doing us more harm than good. Liability on the base paths and in the field and a sub par hitter. He needs to go.

Shumaker should be in the lineup over Ludwick. I agree , he’s killing the Reds.

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