Game 46: Cardinals at Reds



Hoping this is the day Bailey rights his game

There’s been a lot of negativity about the team lately, but I think this is a good lineup. I’m glad we’ve got Pena to fill in at 1st. In the past few years, the backup options at 1st base were non-existent. If Latos and Votto can get back on the field in the next week to 10 days, we’ll be okay. Looking back, I think we fans will feel like the team has survived the early injuries as well as could be expected.

The good, bad and ugly of Red’s ball…
…The good: the Reds went 6-8 and averaged 2.9 runs during Bruce’s absence.
…The bad: Cardinals (26-21), have won seven of eight behind a 2.08 ERA.
…The ugly: we continue to play below .500 ball.

Some people are never happy another Reds win! who cares about the bad and the ugly the good is we got a W. hopefully we can string quite a few of those together in a row.

The Sporting News ranks the MLB GM’s
26th: Walt Jocketty
Building on a foundation of strong starting pitching is the way to go, but Jocketty (and ownership) have to take some heat for this past winter, when a playoff team that lost key contributors in Shin-Soo Choo and Bronson Arroyo to free agency did nothing to firm up its position in the National League Central. The Reds having only two regulars in their lineup with an OPS+ of better than the league-average 100 does not come as a surprise at all when it was clear that lineup depth was the missing piece, one that only got worse with Choo’s departure, and was not addressed.
MLB GM rankings
1. Billy Beane, Oakland
2. Ben Cherington, Boston
3. Dave Dombrowski, Detroit
4. Brian Sabean, San Francisco
5. Andrew Friedman, Tampa
NL Central GM rankings
6. John Mozeliak, St Louis
11. Neal Huntington, Pittsburgh
12. Doug Melvin, Miwaukee
20. Jed Hoyer, Chicago
26. Walt Jocketty, Cincinnati

I saw that also…. Pretty sad that mr jocketty has depleted our farm system….. But Neb you used to be so posotive and now that we are playing better your negative side has shown up…. What gives? The Reds just played their best team ball of the year and now we have a legit opportunity to string together a hot streak. We can close the gap on st louis and put some fear in milwaukee

It is what it is; the Reds are not playing well, except for sporadic games. Thereafter they seem to slide back into their bad habits. I wait, as baseball does, for the first 40 games to render any critical judgment. Now that we are beyond that point, I think we have some critical sole searching to do. I love the Reds and always will, but I will never hide my head in the sand or try to sugar coat anything found in the cow pasture. What I thought would be better is our offense; the very same offense that left us wanting more last season and seasons before that. However, I see that we are still living by the HR and I can’t remember when the last time was that we had a legitimate RALLY. We are still ranked #28 in RUNS and RBI…the two most incredibly important statistics of all statistics. We don’t fix this moving forward, we aren’t going anywhere. And remember, Dale, we need to probably win 90 games to make the playoffs; that alone will take more than a 3-game winning streak, the most we have had this season.

I am typically the most negative person on here but that win against the cards was our best team performance of the year. A win is still a win.

Votto has been hurting this team since he signed the mega deal. I cant say Baileys is hurting us because he has 4 wins so somehow despite the slop he is throwing he is getting wins.
It comes back to our offense. Which centers on one man so now that bruce and mes are back that will help cover the slack that i fear will always exist with Votto. His all star play is gone and is not coming back. He will be a glorified walker and that is about it

Guys, the Reds aren’t that good . The window has closed on the core players. ( Votto. Bruce & Phillips.) They are as good as they are going to be. It is not going to happen.

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