Day off for Mesoraco

One of the things that jumped out from Saturday’s Reds lineup was that Devin Mesoraco wasn’t behind the plate one day after coming off of the disabled list from being out with a strained left hamstring. Mesoraco also caught the 3-0 shutout on Friday and hit the game-winning three-run homer.

Manager Bryan Price opted to start Tucker Barnhart at catcher who has worked well with Homer Bailey this year. But that wasn’t the primary reason Mesoraco was out vs. the Phillies. It’s just about trying to be careful.

“Instead of total immersion,” Price said. “He’s going to be our regular catcher. You’re not going to see him catch two out of every five. On his way back from a rehab, I don’t think it makes a great deal of sense to play him every day. Pena will most likely continue to catch Johnny Cueto. That’s been a very good relationship. You’ll see a lot of Devin Mesoraco. He’s going to play tomorrow so I’ll give him today off.”


Mesoraco is 25 years old; hasn’t played a game since 4/25 until yesterday. Between
Price and Baker, I don’t know who lays off more players and jostles more lineups.
Very depressing, imo, I thought Price would play the best. It’s not as though we are in
lst place; heck, we haven’t even been .500 except for two times; 1-1 and 12-12. Not a very strong move imo.

Except the 3 rehab starts in Louisville.

Turns out for today the problem is Homer anyway…

He mentioned tightness in his hamstring after the game last night, no need to rush him.

There is a reason ^^^you^^^ aren’t a MLB Manager.

Neb…..yesterday was the first game he played for the Reds since 4/25……but he played 5/13. 5/14 and 5/15 for louisville, making last night his 4th straight day playing, 5 consecutive games is almost unheard of for catchers.

Jason Kendall played 1,000 straight games at catcher… I not a math major, but I think that’s more than five.

Jason Kendall played 149 games at catcher in 2008 (the most in a season), which means he took 13 games off.

I love the way people speculate from their living room that they have a better idea how to run the club as opposed to those who were handed those very duties (i.e. manager, coaches, training and medical staff)

Sorry guys, don’t buy it. Now, if he has a recurring injury, OK, however then why is he back with the bigs? If not, play on McDuff! Far too much mommy coddling on this team; jostling in and out of the lineup; 2nd game of DH proved the point…a losing lineup trying to, once again, do the ‘rest game’. There is no way this team will win anything if they continue to do as Dusty did…wrestle and change the lineup again and again and again. I am beginning to believe that Price has learned this weak trait and is now applying it routinely. BTW…we are now at the 25% games played point and where are we? Not even .500.

The Reds have a very decent SP staff, a mediocre BP (mostly hope it is due to inactivity), the #1 defense in all of MLB and we won’t talk about the offensive,
swing-from-the-heals embarrassment they have displayed to date so far this season .
The point is that if you guys are happy with a less than .500 team with this much talent, well…I am not. Jostling around the lineup is, once again as in previous 2-3 years, like moving around the deck chairs on the titanic! Anybody see last night?
How’d we win? Um, errr….another Cincy HR. When was the last time we had a
useful and productive inning while scoring meaningful R? Not our team.

Why in the world wouldn’t somebody on the Reds explain to Cozart that his swing of
‘8 to 2’ will seldom, if ever, provide contact?. Why doesn’t the hitting coach work with this guy? This has been going on too long; the guy’s numbers have declined for the last 4 consecutive years. Thank god he has a super glove.

nobody expects him to catch everyday but for a guy who just came off the dl and provided the only offense for the team you give him the next night off? and now we get the he will be catching regularly story followed by well these guys work well with certain pitchers. so he is the starting catcher for leake simon and cingrani only?

Very disappointing. Nothing like a little momentum for a team needing some. And this team is not more energized. I’d bench Cozart and send him a message. A wise manger once said ” you play your bench players long enough, you find out why they are a bench player. ” It appears some guys don’t want to throw to him.

Tomorrow day game would make more sense for an off day.

I could accept defeat if this team had played hard and played smart But this line up was not smart that’s on Price, Playing Players not 100% is not smart again Price, Why not Messo is he Healthy or what ? is Tony C coming back to soon ? What about Votto and Bruce and Matt Latos Did Chappy need more time ? I can go on and on and Reds Fans have the right to know we pay for all these Guys and the High Priced Contracts to Super Stars are supposed to be setting an example to the showing them that they are worthy of the big bucks. sorry Price I don’t buy It, Fans Pay hard earned money to see Baseballs Best not AA squad.

Meso just came off the DL, so while he is ‘healthy’ they may still want to be a little careful due to the increased likelihood of players reinjuring themselves right after coming back. Cingrani is slotted to come back tomorrow and start, Votto, Bruce, and Latos all have had their statuses updated multiple times in the past few days to week if you put in even a modicum of effort to pay attention to it, and where would Chapman fit into the ballgame tonight? Bringing your closer in for legwork just to end a mostly foregone conclusion of a game would be a terrible waste of resources.

Lets hope tomorrow provides a series win

You are right on Neb! Every game is important. We are not going to get above the .500 mark playing the back-ups we have on this team! Season is 1/4 over and we are 7 games out. Time to play whoever is healthy and hopefully get on a roll!

They gave today’s game away from the time the lineup was announced through the time the offense decided to pack it in ( again). It’s beginning to not really matter any longer, but when did we get to the point where professional athletes making a million dollars every year cannot play on consecutive days, nor pitch over 100 pitches. Geesh !

This wasn’t about Mesoraco it was about babying Homer Bailey! He is constantly whining about who catches him and both Baker and now Price have decided to let a sub 500 pitcher call the shots. I had always been a Homer Bailey fan but enough is enough! BTW, how did that work out not using Mesoraco? Bailey’s shortest and worse outing of the year and he’s had a few bad ones. Good move Bryan Price! Let’s get a manager that knows how to win and not pamper players…..

Did any of you ever consider that with Cingrani coming off the DL on Sunday (and knowing that Barnhart was being sent back to AAA), that Price wanted to get him one last start in the Bigs before that happened?

Seems to me we have $220 million tied up in head cases. (Homer and Votto) Homer doesn’t want to throw to Mesoraco … that’s what I get out of this more than whatever “other reason” they want to give me. Homer preferred to throw to Hanigan before and had found success throwing to Barnhart in his starts with him behind the plate so Homer thinks most of his problems must be the catcher (Mesoraco). While I understand this to some extent … Mesoraco is our main catcher and Homer better get over whatever feelings he thinks causes him to pitch poorly. Using last night as evidence Homer … it’s not the catcher … it’s YOU! I don’t think I need to get into Joey and his head case stuff. A lot of $ tied up in guys that you (let’s say for lack of a better term) you wonder where their heads are. Very troubling.

I remember at the beginning of the season, Price said that Mesoraco was the #1 C and that pairing pitchers with different C (as Baker did) was a thing of the past. If it isn’t, it certainly should be, otherwise P are dictating lineups. Especially when we have Pena playing 1st base.

Hey Mark. Lots of comparisons to Dusty. Done scolding people for bringing up his name ?

I think Mitch is on to something . Bailey thinks he’s God’s gift to pitching and Votto thinks way too much and makes things harder than they have to be.

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