Francis for Game 2; roster moves

The Reds have selected the contract of LHP Jeff Francis from Triple-A Louisville and he will start Game 2 tonight. To make room for Francis on the 25-and-40-man rosters, RHP Nick Christiani was optioned to Louisville and RHP Mat Latos was transferred to the 60-day DL.

Francis was originally scheduled to start tonight for Louisville.

“It’s for these situations that you really need to have depth,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “In many ways, this is a stroke of good luck that he was lined up to pitch today. We certainly couldn’t have known this would have happened.”

Why couldn’t Francis just be the 26th man that’s allowed to be called up for Game 2?

By rule: a player has to be on the 40 man roster to be the 26th man. It was the same issue the Reds had with Greg Reynolds last year when he was called up ahead of a doubleheader at San Francisco.

Everyone in the rotation was pushed back a day. Alfredo Simon will start on Friday in Philadelphia and Homer Bailey will go Saturday. Had the Reds used both Johnny Cueto and Simon today in the doubleheader, it would have left them a starter short later and no one was going to come back on short rest.

“I preferred to do it the way we’re doing it as opposed to getting out on the road and try to get somebody from Triple-A lined up to pitch that open day,” Price said. “This, to me, works better for us.”

To me — this all makes pretty good sense. If you’re going to call up someone from Triple-A for a spot start, why not someone with vast big league experience? This way, Francis can face San Diego on his regular rest and he, or another minor leaguer wouldn’t have, to pitch at Philadelphia or Washington.

As for the 26th man that’s allowed for Game 2 today, the Reds are withholding that information for now and will announce it after Game 1.


So why do we need to option RHP Nick Christiani down if we get a 26th man for the day. This seems pointless because now we lose a bullpen spot for so many days in Christiani. Who is taking his place? Did I miss something here?

Why would you activate Francis for the first game? This just seems dumb mgmt here instead of adding him and then saying see ya after the game no issues.

I explained it as best I could. It’s a procedural thing. They couldn’t do it between games.

Anybody want to give our GM kudos for acquiring Pena; I know I do. What a infectious team player with talent; super and ultra valuable signing. He was such an incredible signing, especially after the Reds decided to let a super secondary C leave the team.

Where is Cingrani in all of this? Thought he was eligible to come back Saturday.

GO Johnny GO! Awesome win! Way to go BP!

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