Game 38: Padres at Reds



Ok this is hard for me to admit because I have been a Heisey guy as long as I can remember. For me, Schumaker has to play everyday until Bruce comes back in right and bat second. He is one of the few guys on this team that is patient and has a good track record at getting runners over. I like Pena in the 2 hole as well but Schumaker needs to play and I feel he fits in the 2 spot.

The Reds game with the San Diego Padres was postponed Wednesday night. It will be made up as part of a doubleheader Thursday. The games will start at 12:35 p.m. and 6:10 p.m. Wednesday’s scheduled starter, Johnny Cueto, will start the first game. The starter of the second game is up in the air. The Reds can add a 26th man to the roster who could start Game 2.

Cueto’s 63 IP through 8 games is the most by a Reds pitcher since Mario Soto in 1983.

I am wondering if Cozart will be moved to the 9 hole once his average drops to below .150. Maybe as a show of confidence Price will move him to lead off so he can get more at bats? ….

I think if the Reds were to move him in the batting order, they should move him to the 2nd hole where he would see more FBs. However, with Phillips around, I just can’t imagine him moving from 8th. What I would like to see is Votto back in the 3rd position and move Frazier up to clean-up. Here is my lineup…
Hamilton CF
Phillips 2B
Votto 1B
Frazier 3B
Bruce RF
Ludwick LF
Mesoraco C
Cozart SS
If Mesoraco continues his torrid pace (went 2 for 3, 1R and 1RBI yesterday in AAA),
I would consider moving him to clean-up, but only if Frazier falls off…and he doesn’t
appear to be failing; to the contrary, he is the only real bright light in the lineup thus far, this season.

Billy Hamilton is hitting .260/.299/.370. If we take away his 0-12 + 1 BB performance in his first three games (1st series), his slash line would be .295/.316/.420.

Wondering of Coricino will be called up to pitch the second game of double header. He is scheduled to pitch for Wahoos today and is on the 40 man roster. If they call up Francis to pitch, they will need to take somebody off the 40 man.

I feel like we are throwing away a game again like in SF two years ago. Just pitch the best pitcher and we will worry about the rotation later. You have to try and win both games. Pitch Cueto and Simon…

I think Shumaker should be in the lineup even when Bruce comes back. He grinds out everything. He has that fire that nobdy else has. He may be that leader this club needs but he has to play everyday.

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